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Hi all,
I need some good promotional articles and want to know about how I can write better promotional articles, plz suggest me the way of writing improvement in article


Hi Swati!

Keep the focus on audience who will read you article and what you would like them to do after they have read. Don’t forget the KISS principle. i.e.e “Keep It Short & Simple”. Ensure the conent entertains the reader and he or she finds the solution of their problem.

Keep a shot “call to action” at the end of your article. Avoid repeition, filler words and jargons. Dont’ be too formal and extra sales pitch. Keep Writing.

i have idea find some site your article related copy Some Articles a not pad then copy some line every articles easy bro

Easy, but illegal. Not a good way to run a business.

Welcome to the forum, swatipatra.

Your question is too general. If you have not written any articles, or promotional articles in this case, then it is hard to help you or to provide answers on how you can improve.

Start writing one or two articles just to get yourself started and understand where is your current level in terms of writing. Compare it with all the other related articles on the Internet to get an idea of where you stand. From there, you can keep writing to improve yourself and ask questions that are specific enough over here so that we can help you out.

If you are looking for tips on how to improve or how to get started, head over to Copyblogger. The blog offers a ton of great tips for writers.

Copy pasting articles other have written is illegal and unethical and not something we support, suggest, or condone here at SitePoint. Please don’t waste your time suggesting our members break the law.

yea swatipatra you can write good quality article if you follow some simple steps. Make sure that what you write is clear and easily understandable by the users who read it. Move the article under what your topic is based on, do not go away from it. And another important thing make it short and sweet. Do not repeat the same conversation in your article anywhere. If you follow these steps mostly your article would be a quality article. Wish you the luck in writing articles.
Hope it helps

I use to get my articles written. You can find real good writers and they will do the work the way you tell them to do it.The best part is you dont pay anything untill you are happy with there job.

Hi Wayne,
Did u check my article? Give some suggestion that how to write the good article?

This isn’t a site where you can depend upon individual help from individual members. We are a discussion site, here to help you learn how to do things for yourself.

If you’re looking for a tutor, you’ll need to post a classified ad in the SitePoint market place or some other place like Craig’s list.

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