I want to change Logo of My Site, but having some doubts?

I want to change my blog logo
But I have used this logo on all images in my blog, so after chnging logo… will it be good for images which I had used in past with older logo?

I also want to know, is this logo seems good or I have to change? please give me your comments?

I would change it. People understand that sometimes branding changes. You just change it everywhere you can, and if there are images with your brand watermarked on them, or images in places you forget or don’t control… I think that’s OK, personally.

As for whether that logo should be changed? I would absolutely change it if I were you. It’s hard to read and definitely a dated design style.

Just my small, non-designer opinion though. Hope it helps.

actually there are more than 300 images watermarked with this logo on this blog with 117 number of posts. so its not possible to change watermark images. But I am thinking to change logo…and I will add a description in about us page.

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which one will be best 1st or second?
or suggest me if it needs any change?

I prefer the second logo better, but your teal arrow seems out of place, maybe try and keep it in line with the other arrows.
Try making the “2” in Tips2secure.com the colour of the orange arrow.

Both are a big improvement on your old one.


What would you do, if you were on my place? Which one was selected by you 1st or 2nd?

Final editing has been done. Please check and give your suggestions logo:

Logo is updated on site at right side top corner. It suits better if I place it instead of Title on left hand side corner, but blogger has a limitation that if we place any image for title h1 tag then It will remove h1 headings and title automatically, thats y I have placed it on right corner. Pls check and tell me if there is any mistake.

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