Logo : Help me choose between 4 possible ones please!

Hello all,

I just created a new account cause I can’t seem to get back my previous one that I have not used for like a year or so, which makes me kind of a rookie again :slight_smile:

Anyway …

I’m about to launch a blog about photography called Photography Talks and have thought about using one of the following simple logos.

I’m no designer pro so I just put up these by combining an easily recognisable photo camera and speech bubble. It looks quite clean and clear even in small size.

Which one of the four is the best looking according to you ?

I focused only on the outline for now, colors and effects will be for later …

BTW, here’s the website so you can understand better what the logo is for. I think the camera will be blue and the comment bubble will be red, or vice versa (the link is in the signature).

So, which one do you think does best the job of conveying the website brand ?

<snip />

Thanks a lot !

I like the second and the fourth. I like the concept of the speech bubble being the camera, but think the second one looks the best.

I can’t see the logos.


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