Switching out logo breaking layout?

ohkay so the logo for my site was a little blurry so i decided to clean it up. i made the image the same exact size in hopes that i could just put the file in and it would behave the same. well when i put the new image in it completely changes the whole site and messes everything up. same image, same size, same name, same code yet it completely messes up the layout? i dont understand what im missing here :confused:


the image is Images/sega.png im trying to switch it out with Images/sega(new).png

I don’t see any change in the layout of the page as a whole, not that I would expect to when the images are the same size.
The only difference is the layout of the actual logo design, as in the placement of the word “productions” has changed. In the new version it may be a little close to the word “home”.

Hi there lennycourvoisier,

does this look OK…



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