How and which kind of Logo will be best for website?


I wanted to Build best logo for the Design and Development company.

I have added a screenshot for the website.

Please provide genuine answers. No spammy or promotion over here.

Only serious one reply.


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Your post is very unclear. What, exactly, are you asking?

You already have a logo in the screenshot provided.

Yes, I already have the logo. But i wanted to change as this one is not worth for me.

That’s why i am here for he suggestions. because i don’t have knowledge of Graphics.

So what is your question? What is it you need help with?

Have you thought of hiring a logo designer?

But first i want the suggestions that how we can make it better?
means will it be a normal image without text or something else?

Surely in a design company you would have people with the relevant skills for that? I notice that “graphic designing” is one of the services you offer. Even if you outsource, would it not be better to take advice from whomever you employ, who has skills and experience in that area, rather than get opinions from strangers on a forum?


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