Logo Redesign?

Is it necessary to change the logo after some time in business or there are some requirements to change with the passage of time.

If the logo works I don’t see any reason to change it, sometimes logos can look outdated after a few years in which case you might consider it. To be honest unless you dislike it or it isn’t appropriate any more I’d stick with your existing one.

People misunderstand the function of a logo.

a logo is a brand or identity of your business, product and or service. It is supposed to convey the value of your product and set you apart from your competition. It is the most used element in your branding arsenal ( it goes on nearly everything you make or do…) when people say “i’ll stake my name on it” that name is usually a logo.

TRUE logo design is a tough biz, because it must not only accomplish everything I mentioned above, but it must be done in a way that survives reproduction in MANY different sizes and media.

So,as a branding professional, I elaborate on when people say “if the logo works”. If your brand is working and your logo reproduces well across all media it is actually a BAD idea to to get it redone. remember a good logo should be an INTENSE INVESTMENT OF THOUGHT AND CAPITAL into your brand, which in turn trains your clients to seek out your product or service. if you change your logo simply because its been around for a while … then that means you have to retrain your clients ( rebuild brand) as well.


  1. if you did it wrong in the first place ( did you skimp in getting a logo design? You are paying now by having to tweak or rebuild your brand again in order to represent yourself successfully)

  2. It was done wrong in the second place. It seemed like a bargain, but it was designed for something else. Example that great web logo that was done only in PSD ( so it’s low res)or a the idea itself cant be rendered so that print well in B/W, or looks good reduced or enlarged and now that your company needs magazine ads or vans, uniform badges or billboard ads??? At the time you thought… why pay the extra $$$ when I am never going to get to the point when I need billboards… but there u are

  3. The non technical reason. YOU change. A logo is tailor made to represent you ( your company or such)… so if you change that logo is no the correct representation of you. 20 years ago I was a goth-teenager… the logo i made for myself was perfect, now that you are pushing 40… it may actually be detrimental ( that is unless somehow you managed to maintain baby-bat charm in your old age) . But, you see, it not a logo “going stale” but a correction of the company directive.

IBM , for example had the same logo for decades… Coca cola has had 2 logos as far as I have EVER SEEN ( generations)… but they took the time to develop their brand, and they are focused on what they do.

Hopefully this lil rant will help you in your decision. ==:)

keep it the same unless you have complaints or it is remotely similar to another company. that is my rule. Otherwise, what is the point. It is all about brand identity. You want other to recognize your band through your logo and if you change it (considering you are NOT cococola or apple), people will immediately be thrown off and you lose that initial recognition. Only the big dogs can get away with it and sometimes it even bits them in the butt.

I agree with your discussion regarding changing the logo that is why i have asked but why Big Brands like to change the logos after some years. i could not understand some of their policy. Do you have this sort of experience. Plz elaborate

Its not required to change logo of business or site regularly however if you want to stay with new technologies then you will need to change your logo, remember there will be generation gap always.

My error for not communicating clearny enough.

Apple, for example changed is logo when it was a TOTAL and absolute aesthetic and and technical failure ( they had a rendition of newton sitting under the tree… .get it was Newton’s apple" … so in the 80/90s we had the rainbow apple… alos note there was a target change … from Apple to Mac. I remember Apple was predominant in education… even before it became a designers friend. Yeah, am that old.

late 90s to now we got the silhouette style logo… but notice this was the return of Jobs, also the launch of the iMac ( where as before apple was a nearly nonexistent “consumer” market)… to day the shiny silhouette is the emblem of a company who STILL makes teh best art tools there… but whose most profitable ventures are iAppliances.

So as you see the changes in the logo coincided with major changes in : Management, Product Line, Demographics and/or Target Markets… not merely an arbitrary passage of time.

Re-design may be necessary to ensure the logo is relevant to the audience, doesn’t offend and is suitable. It is important to consider your market and your target audience when adopting a new design. important for the public, and does not violate the law. .

@dresden_phoenix : Excellent post , unfortunately even people that understand the vital importance of the logo fail to apply that .

Changing a logo is acceptable only in 2 situations :

  • your previous logo is horrid and you can afford a new brilliant one made
  • your previous logo was made when you where Joe’s One Man Show Bakery and now you’re Joe’s International Inc. operating withing 50 countries .

Good logos should NEVER be changed since a logo is almost like the face of a familiar person . Change it drastically and the result is guaranteed to be a negative WTF .

I agree with dresden… you should have a logo that will represent you across your market building your brand. At the same time, you will need to be sure that you can print and promote the logo effectively across all medias. Email, Web, Print … FAX etc.

If you are re branding then redesign of logo is always better.