I registered a domain a one registrar and purchased web hosting package at another


I registered a domain name at bigrock and purchased web hosting at godaddy since godaddy is offering better hosting at cheaper rates.
Now my question is how to point bigrock domain to godaddy hosting?

Find out from your GoDaddy account what the nameservers for the hosting are and then set the nameservers for your domain at bigrock to use those values.

I don’t know why you chose a company that is primarily a domain registrar for your hosting though - if you are going to keepthe domain and hosting separate then you are best to choose a company that specialises in hosting for the hosting part.

You need to find the DNS settings for Godaddy and you need two.

Then you need to go to your bigrock control panel and there should be two default DNS server names. Change these to the Godaddy nameservers and you should be set.

cheaper rates.

  • Not always good, did you research godaddy first?

I am a newbie and want to start earning online income with a website. I don’t have any experience with the domain name registration and web hosting services.
Since godaddy offered me at cheaper rates with 100 gb date, unlimited bandwidth, I thought it will be sufficient for my web hosting needs.

Thank You Rubble and Stephen J Chapman for you kind suggestions. Hope I get adjusted with this domain registrations and web hosting words soon.

I’d avoid both companies. There are many good registrars like namecheap.com and name.com to choose from and plenty of cheap hosting providers too. For a starter site even the the lowest value configurations in a shared account will do.

follow these steps : :slight_smile:

  1. login to your godaddy account and click on visit my account.
  2. then go to webhosting & launch.
  3. click on godaddyDNSmanager then click on edit zone.
  4. Now copy the NS(nameserver) at the end of the page.
    now at another side :
  5. login to your bigrock account and click on your domain name.
  6. Then go to nameservers.
  7. replace your bigrock server with your godaddy’s server you just coppied.
  8. now click on update server.
    and there you goooooooooo :smiley:

After two months, I expect the OP has it sorted, as they haven’t returned with further questions.

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