Going from GoDaddy to Hostgator

I am very confused about hosting. First of all i want to thanks sitepoint website then my question is there is a lot of hosting website in the internet, I know godaddy is the best but I want to take hosting in the hostgator for my website… which one is the best? Then my second question is I already have domain… is it convert from one company to other like godaddy to hostgator…? Please give the answer… I am waiting your replay. It’s argent

GoDaddy is a domain Registrar who does hosting on the side.

Hostgator is a hosting company that does domains on the side.

If you were to deal just with those companies then your best alternative would be to get the domains from GoDaddy and the hosting from Hostgator - that way you are dealing with each company’s primary business that they dedicate 95% of their time to and are not using their side business that gets the other 5% of their attention.

If you want everything with one company then go with a hosting company as having domains with a company where it is just a side business is not going to cause anywhere near as many issues as having hosting with a company where it is just a side business.

The same argument applies to other domain registrars and hosting providers that offer the other as their side business.

That is absolutely not true. Go Daddy is among the worst, if not the worst, when it comes to web hosting. Do a little search on Yahoo or Google for “go daddy slow” and see how many complaints you read from people suffering painfully slow page loads due to server overloading.

I don’t host with HostGator and never have, but they have among the best reputations for hosting around. So a choice between awful Go Daddy and HostGator is easy: HostGator.

Don’t be confused about hosting. All you need to do is select the best hosting website.

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HostGator provides web hosting service as primary business, there are good at it. I support ‘Felgall’s’ point that you can host your website on HostGator and buy domain from GoDaddy.
Along with your website HostGator also hosts adult/gambling/illegal websites on shared servers which will lead to IP blacklist from Google. If you get good traffic on your website than choose VPS or Dedicated server.