I need your help


I need your help, last time I outsourced my link building project about 25k forum profile links which is blasted in 2 days by automatic software. I got a report on spread sheet and all works fine. But now it seems that my site index pages fallen from 3200 to 450. Should I consider my site is banned by google? Or it is due to the automatic software?

What were you expecting to happen if you spam? The web is better of without those who parasitically link build. Good job Google.

Could you please suggest me what to do next?

There is nothing that you can do except not do it again. You blew it.
Personally I despise people like you. I and many forum owners spend too much time deleting the profile spam that you do. Perhaps you would like to send me a paypal payment to compensate for all the extra work created by the parasites.

I guess you are not a right person to answer my this thread. I guess all forums owners don’t have to create extra field for website or signatures which spam Google and forums too. And I am not a SEO professional I have just a little knowledge about SEO, so you can not consider me a Parasite or something else because I have not created such spam tricks.

We also report sites like yours to Google via the spam report tool as using this method to backlink build. You can only p**s off so many forum owners and eventually teh spam reports start happening. Google have a specific blog post about NOT using this method to build backlinks:

You dug this hole for yourself by using the parasitic spam service. The only way to fix this is to remove them all.

o rly?

“25k forum profile links which is blasted in 2 days by automatic software”

Thanks cbp for link… I will stay away from those spam services… I think this thread should be closed…

you want choose shortcut way for getting up your site but you see what happened with your site. at this time Google have much more strict against spammers and shortcut users so i hope you will be carefully next time before done any job.

@ r937 Sorry, Angela and paul invented this method…

@socialaliens, I will stay away from this method its really bad…

No they didn’t! They just sell packages of of forums with high PR on the home page to those who are gullible enough to pay for it!

Ohk but I read somewhere about these guy…

@cbp, please tell me which type of link building method belongs to blackhat?

Hi DavidMirza,

Blackhat technique is any technique that consider using an automated software for creating backlinks or anything that will cause you a “success” in just one day.

Natural backlinking is highly recommended, for example here, in this forum, you have to be active at least 90 days in order to be able to put your signature. That is something you can do…

People do not realize that quality is better than quantity so concentrate to get at least 5 very good backlinks done by you. That means, to participate in real discussions and bring something to the table. Those 5 back links will bring you more good that 25k in 2 days.

SEO is not an easy and worthless job.


@cbp Believe me, I understand your feelings, but please remember from our FAQs, “Be courteous and polite at all times, even if you disagree with someone.”

If you don’t feel you can be courteous, best to just not reply at all.