Angela's and Paul's Link Packets

I’ve tried searching for this topic here and saw a rather old thread about this. I have already googled it and read some stuff about this. Have visited WF just for this as well.

My question is, are there people out here who have actually tried these links they offer and did it really skyrocket your place in the SERPs. In WF they say profile link creation is NOT a spamming technique. I’d like to make sure how true is that at this moment.

Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks


It is a spamming technique. Ask any forum owner who’s web property is abused to get a backlink using that method. If they say its spam, then its spam.

Those that use those methods are parasites.

Incidentally WF is the spammers forum! Pretty every link building technique recommended, touted and sold there is spam.

Link buying is not a recommended technique…

  • This may impact your rankings in a negative way
  • You will loose such links when you are out of your budget
  • Your competitors cam file a spam report against you, if they discover your link buying practice

So its better to play safe than putting your website into risk.

Since when is profile link building “link buying”? Care to explain?

So are you saying there is no way these Angela’s links can be helpful in any way?

I did not say they did not work, I said they are only used by low life bottom dwelling scumbag parasites who’s sites are so bad that they can not get links given to them editorially so they have to abuse other peoples web properties to get links…what does that say about the ethics and morals of those people?

And they probably do not help; they will certainly get your site reported to Google via the spam report tool as using this method to build backlinks. More and more forums owners are getting really pissed at this abuse of their websites.

Google have a blog post about not building links this way, so assume that they either have or soon will have an algorithmic solution to deal with this

thanks cbp. Can share with me the link to that blog post? thanks

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Spam2.0: Fake user accounts and spam profiles

That was a really good article cbp. though I think it was intended to forum site webmasters but it got all my questions answered. I guess these angela’s and paul’s links are just so unnecessary after all.

never opt for such things, they can mess years of work for no good reason…

It is a spamming technique and waster of time. I have seen the back link packet and noticed they are trying to get rank for term ‘Backlinks” for years.
Now if we search the term “backlinks” can we see Angela or Pauls websites?

It is just a waste.

Get as much as natural links like Yahoo and Dmoz directory, High quality relevant articles, press releases… Do as much as natural ways to get back links because if you do smart Google engineers are smarter

Excellent point!

If an SEO “expert” can’t get top rankings for their own website, that’s a pretty good indication they probably won’t be able to do it for yours either.

I actually googled the keyword “backlinks” too and just couldn’t find anything that relates to their site or to wf. Just recently, I tried creating profiles/accounts using the links in one of their packets and found out that most of these sites disabled their signature or bbcode and html on bio sections (these are the places they say we can leave our links). I think what really happened was, they must have had really hit the 1st page of of the SERPS using this strategy with the keyword we just mentioned but after a while webmasters in these sites discarded their accounts on their sites or forums.

I used to use Angela back-link packets, as far as search engine optimization is concerned it can really increase your SERP’s. But, the downfall is those profile links are hard to get indexed. I started using it since October 2010 and 80-90% of my back-links have not been indexed yet, despite I tried almost all kind of back-links indexing methods or tips. That’s why I can’t really tell if it works.

How do you sleep at night knowing that you are a parasitic spammer abusing other peoples web properties?

Something terribly wrong has happened, Angela had an article about her back-link packets on, this article was in the 3rd position for the keyword “Backlinks” on Google. While posting on this forum I type that same keyword, her ranking seems to be gone for that keyword. That article is nowhere to be found in the Google search result.

Well, I sleep like the normal person does, that did not bother me. Now, I stop doing it and choose to do things in a natural and legitimate way.

That sounds like something has gone terribly right. They got that position through spamming and dodgy tactics, and Google has dropped or delisted them as a result. They will now be showing in the place they deserve to be, which is way, way down. That is what is likely to happen to anyone who uses spamming services as well … why is why you’re better off ignoring the snake oil salesmen.