New website, need advice

Hello, I have created a new website and I’ve had bad luck doing this in the past. In the past, i built way too many back links too fast, and too spammy so my website got 0 traffic in 6 months.

How can i make sure that i do this the proper way? Right now I built a new website and getting 5-10 backlinks a day from blog commenting, web 2.0 and social bookmarks.

Any advice so this website does not end up like my last 2 websites that got 0 traffic in 6 months for spamming links or something…


It largely depends on what backlinks you are trying to set up.

I find that it’s entirely pointless to bother with specific bulk link building. A case in point are these forums, and other forums that cater for SEOers, where the people that complain about Google updates are the same people that say that blog and forum posting will “boost your SEO”.

Check out the sticky thread named Competitive Keyword Analysis, how do YOU do it?. It’s a bit dated now, but I think it stands the test of time, and over time you can refine the process. I’ve always monitored my competitors, and those in similar industries to see what their best backlinks are and whether they are easy to replicate.

Yes, as per community advisor said in above thread is absolutely right. Competitive keyword analysis is important for the on page optimization but now in offpage optimization the trend of using diversify anchor text for link building through quality neighborhood sites within quality, fresh and unique content is going on. Web 2.0 is the good source to build links but make sure regarding the quality of the social bookmarking sites because if it has bad quality then it will negatively impact your site’s ranking.

Forum commenting and guest posting within nofollow links are also the good way to increase the traffic on the website/webpage in better way.

You should also read once the Google guidelines on link schemes to know how to build links in natural way.

You need to build better quality links. Blog commenting, Web 2.0 and social bookmarks should be used as 2nd tier links and should not link directly to your money site. I am assuming that the Web 2.0 that you are referring to are Web 2.0 profiles.

Either way, I would slow your link building way down to about 2-3 links per day, and only build contextual links back to your money site. Then I would social bookmark, blog comment, and web 2.0 profile link to the links that are pointing to your money site.

Check the content quality of your website. Build few quality links from fresh content pages. Also check the traffic and authority of the linking domain.

Do not create low quality profile links or social bookmarking.

I do not really even worry about counting how many back links I do. I really try to write some really useful content ton my blogs.

I will submit my Blog Articles to two big article directories. And also back link between blogs that I own. I do some interlinking in pages within my blog.

Google is much more focused on content than all these spammy links.

Robert Marsh

Stop cheating with Google. This becomes pretty dangerous. Try to get traffic from social networking sites. That`s my advice.

hey! i totally agre with killmister
i had the same problem with my website
and i started get traffic from social networking sites
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Quality matters not quantity. If you have done competitor analysis of different website, you will find that it is not necessary that site that has high number of links will rank. There are many website that focus on getting backlink from relevant sites that are indexed and have good PR. Getting links from Forums and blogs is a good idea, where you can share information and can get attention of users who are interested in what your business or services is about. Besides these, post blogs, submitting articles, directory submissions, etc. are also important. Like everyone have said provide original and informative content don’t copy.
Its up to you, how you want to optimize your website, but remember to follow search engine’s guidelines otherwise you may get penalized from which you may have to spend a lot of time to get rid of.

You shouldn’t post too many submissions on one day. Always submit unique and quality content and on high PR sites. Never submit on low quality sites. Don’t use the same anchor text for so many links.

Just write quality posts and you will get backlinks eventually. I can’t count the numerous times I have found an article I liked and shared a snippet of it and included a link. Don’t try and cheat the system, it’s ever changing and it will catch up to you and all that hard work will of gotten you no where.

Don’t forget to optimize your On-Page SEO. Here is my advice.


Thank you for asking about your problem. Well, I am also a new member in SEO. But my knowledge tells, you should try to generate quality links. So that it would not be spam to your site.

Make backlinks only from trusted websites and from same niche with you. Blog commenting, especially from spammy forums is not good way to do seo. Try guest posting, it is hard way, but it works. Also pay attention to inner seo of your website. Content is a king!

Read Search Engine Guide lines first. Do not post one line comments on Blog & Forum Posts. Write a content and submit on Other sites to increase your site visibility as well as traffic. Use social media sites for your website reputation.

Suggestions by forum members are absolutely correct here.

Google love unique content and hate spamming. This is what you did with your last website.

Try to generate natural back links that should relate to the website you are trying to optimize via back linking methods.

Don’t build back links too fast and if you do so, you will again lead to 0 visits.

Concentrate on quality of links not quantity . Always submit on high PR sites in a genuine way .It will take time but in the end you will get satisfactory results.

Don’t try to do so fast and in short period. You have already mentioned that your website is very new, so what about the content for the pages?
I’ll suggest never run for quantity always try with good quality. Try to optimize on the social media channels and other web 2.0 high authority sites for driving some traffic.

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