I need ideas please!


So I have a realistic old man mask and we are going to make pranks with it in public and post videos on youtube.

Do you have any funny ideas what to do?

That video was just a test video, aswell the sound ****** up and it was too long, and we only got one reaction cause its a test video.


Hi … I am Franklin . You may create an AD that will help to create social awareness for elderly people . You can think it is not funny but i think it is .

hiiiiiii…i am edward…

you can make some funny videos and upload on you tube then you can earn according to the viewers…so many clickes and like and comment…

I think that @kvnwpts; is asking for ideas to record videos. At least, that’s what I understand.

He’s NOT asking how to promote his videos or how to get more public…

So people, please, answer to the question… any other comment is not helpful and will be removed

I know I have no ideas. It is hard to find something funny that is not humiliating or may not offend someone and I don’t like to make fun of people, I’d rather laugh with them :wink:

There’s a good Canadian program, called “Just for laughs”, which do what I think you want to do. Check them out and maybe you’ll get some inspiration from them.

Let’s hope you have good public liability insurance, or you may be sued for giving someone a heart attack

how about showing off an old man doing stuffs that can only be done by younger fellows. Anything that’s not offensive to the public, I guess.

You could always go to a store and buy 10 boxes of condoms, KY Jelly, a bottle of vodka, and a bottle of prune juice. Make sure to get in the busiest line lol.

You should make long calls to other peoples and convince them to make a good society for helping people in your city :slight_smile:

I’ve got to say, I have no idea how your answer has anything to do with the OP’s question?

I’d get a pogo stick and just bounce up and down toward people on the side walk.

It was great fun to make pranks and making fool others. Once I did a prank in public. I brought one spray bottle contained water. I was standing in a queue at Bus stop and spray water on the front person from the bottle and at the same time i was acting as a sneezing. So all the persons were thought that sticky matters was spread… lol… :lol:

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