Any video ideas?

I recently started a video creation campaign and I’m looking for some topic ideas.

I want to make a series of short learning videos (around 2 min) on topics like SEO, online and internet marketing, social media, content marketing - you get the picture.

I would really appreciate it if you could give me some suggestions. I already did my research, and I extracted some starting topic ideas (I am not going to add all of them).

It would be best if the ideas focus on how to solve a particular problem from a general niche.

Here are a few I thought about:

  • How to Track Mobile Search Rankings
  • How to do a SEO Content Analysis
  • How to Monitor Your Brand on Social Media
  • How to Get More Traffic to Your Youtube Videos

Hi Zachary. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Does the series have a title, or a overall focus? That is, what is the aim of the series. What should people be able to do after watching the videos?

Asking questions like these can help focus on what topics to include … and would also help people to suggest topics. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ralph!

I wanted to call my video series “Learn with” or “University”, and I’m planning to solve common problems people have while doing SEO. After watching one of my videos, a person should have a clear thought of how to do something easier or how he can solve an issue.

Each of the videos must be relevant for a question. That’s why I thought this is the best place to research for ideas - forums are filled with questions, misunderstandings, and people looking for answers.

So, if you have some, please write them down and as soon as I start creating the videos, I’ll put them here.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, SEO tends to be a very dodgy area, possibly because of its low entry point and the pervasive desire to rank well and make $$$. Most questions here tend to relate to Google algorithm updates (“after Panda, my rank drop … pls help!”) … which are hardly worth covering, as it’s mostly speculation—apart from the few doggy biscuits that Google feeds us.

It might be worth taking a look through the forum’s FAQ to see what topics attracted particular attention:

Just to add to the good advice that Ralph has given you: Be aware that this is an extremely competitive area. As I’m sure you know, there are many thousands of websites, articles, forums, blogs, magazines - and videos - all giving out information on SEO. And it’s not helped by the fact that many of them disseminate contradictory facts. If yours is going to succeed, you need (i) to provide some unique information that isn’t easily available elsewhere; and (ii) to be able to put yourself across as being completely trust-worthy and accurate.

Also, speaking personally, I would never bother to watch a video if I could find the same information in a simple piece of text. I believe videos are appropriate if you actually need to show something: how to fix a puncture, how to cook an omelette, for example. But for a subject like SEO, where the aim is to impart facts, a video doesn’t compete with a straight piece of written text. Unlike with a video, I can read text at my own pace, in my own surroundings (without disturbing the people around me); I can choose to skim it quickly or study it in depth; I can search it, translate it, paste it into a document, or print it out. I don’t see any point in watching someone telling me something that I can easily read for myself. (Then again, that’s just me. No doubt there are plenty of people in the world who think otherwise.)


my advice, get an attractive girl to to the presentation in your videos, it can make a huge difference.

^ Sounds Black

Maybe you should check other SEO authority sites for a topic that you can focus up to. I usually read in SearchEngineLand, there are so many great topics to discuss in that site.

So you’re assuming these videos are to be aimed only at a male audience? :rolleyes:

That was my first thought when I read that post. But I recall reading an article describing some serious research into this issue. If the research is to be believed, both men and women react favourably to attractive females in advertising. It seems that the women wish they looked like them. And the men wished their wives looked like them.

I’m not saying I believe this. But I thought I would throw it into the discussion.




That seems counter-intuitive to me. You’d think if the women wished they looked like them, they’d be feeling envious and react negatively. Still, what do I know of these things? I’m only a bear. ;)[/ot]


Sure, they’d be jealous, but they’d still want to rush out and buy one of those tasty burgers the pretty lady is advertising, in the hope that it will make them look as pretty as her. :shifty: [/ot]

That research seems to be true in some ways. Because I also think that way sometimes. :smiley:



my advice, get an attractive girl to to the presentation in your videos, it can make a huge difference.
This is a true fact!
Girls are better at talking (you have to get a good and nice girl) and also are nice and sweet. They can act better.
However, there are also guys with skills but keep in mind that this stuff is a real industry. Talking to a camera is like talking in public: lots say that it’s “easy, you just talk” and few know how to do it. It looks simple but it is not.

My first big advice is simple: first, get a good microphone.

My second big advice: get a guy/girl that knows how to talk to a camera OR practice speeches and show to your friends to get feedback.
Do not get online just as a “my first test video”, get online as a professional.

Now, about your themes, you should create a “from start to end” plan so your public will be “from starters to professionals”. For now, from your themes, I will not click on any title. I need to know stuff about marketing, I have stuff to promote but, all titles sound fancy to me. So, I’d create something like this:

Campaign: Promote your business and make more money

  • In-site SEO and how to prepare your website (it’s not into your list but you need a start)
  • Use Google Analytics and other tools (few tips could be great for starters)
  • Copyrighting tips and tricks. Stuff about keywords and tags. (I’d like to know more about this)
  • How to Monitor Your Brand on Social Media (sounds good!)
  • Go mobile! Promote your business on the mobile market (instead of How to Track Mobile Search Rankings - this sounds to fancy)

I hope that I helped a bit and,
I’m waiting for a YouTube channel to learn stuff about marketing :slight_smile:

Good luck!

There are a lot of people who want to start up a website, but don’t have a clue how to start one.
How do you set up a domain? How do you set up a hosting account? How to setup wordpress? How to set up a basic marketing funnel?
How to set up your email responder? How to set up a simple squeeze page?

With the topics you listed they are very broad. Take those and keep minimizing those topics into sub categories. God Bless.

Maybe you could make tutorials on specific programs; like how to use google analytics, or how to use alexa… if you want short videos you could maybe face one topic at the time; for example using levels or mentioning the different tasks that can be done… That’s the kind of tutorial I would go for anyways

As the OP hasn’t returned in over two months, I think we can safely close this thread.

Thanks to those who contributed.