New Blog Idea

I’m into comedy and not one website is dedicated to comedians. Would you be interested in a blog that posts new comedy videos daily + profiles of all comedians and much more. I already have the design/structure…if u like the concept, let me know.


i like that idea.
could do well if you do it nicely.

That’s a good concept. Give it a try.

Yeah that would be fun, but don’t do it for the ad revenue.

The eCPM will be really low

That will be fun! Go on and start with it:)

I think that’s an awesome idea. There is plenty of comedy on the web, but a clearinghouse of reliably hilarious comedians, comics, musical comedy (like the musical performers often spotlighted by Bob and Tom), would be a welcome refuge when you want a moment’s levity during your day. Good luck with it!

Just take care that the videos you post are for general use and if they are copyrighted, seek permission or mention that removal requests will be considered in the privacy policy.

Yes you can try that however before trying, why not just take a little research why no other people cared to blog about it. It’s either no one thought of each or no one cares about it :slight_smile:

In case you will be blogging, make sure that you have necessary tools to capture you readers. Because if not, then you probably can’t bring them back to your site again in the future.

apprx. $200. What i want:

  • fast loading website
  • something fresh/cool
  • interactive (rate/vote…top 10 comedians list…based on votes etc)
  • a place where all comedians can be found, profiles.twitter accounts to them etc…

I’ve got more ideas!

if anyone is interested. Let me know on joining or helping me out.


Yes, I support for that let me know the budget you’re planning with. May be some advices from other members could save some money for you.

Yeah its a unique idea, I like the concept. Try it.

I like comedy. :slight_smile:
so reading funny articles is good for me.

Give it a try, I’m always on the look for new funny comedians.
Though nothing good ever comes up this years…