Marketing Ideas for my LED Beer Pong Table?

Hi Everyone!

We recently got funded on Kickstarter a few months ago.

We are about to start shipping next month so we currently have our site: collecting pre-orders. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how we should market this online. It is a very nitche market, mainly targeting young adults, college students, bars or nightclubs, and event/catering equipment companies.

The online ads we have running are through Adsense and Facebook and Twitter - they get pretty good results as our product is very shareable but are there any other less obvious marketing avenues?

Also we get around 250 visitors a day but only about an order every two days, so that is 1/500 visitors convert = 0.02%, isn’t that really low?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Something like this screams “social media” and “Facebook” to me. I think it’s a cool product that many young, college-aged kids would be into… and Facebook is the perfect place to target. Perhaps show the product with people having a blast with it and try to get that passed around, shared, etc. Seems like something that would get passed around for the summer season, so you have good timing with your launch!

It seems to me that this might be something spring break organizers might be interested in.

Post in forums where your target audiences hang out. Get creative with social media…not just with ads, but via content creation and curation.

Focus on who has already purchased from you and heavily target those types of customers. Think about content that would help, interest or entertain them. Don’t just talk about your product…become a source for fun or useful information for your target audience.

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Yea, I see this kind of thing gaining a lot of traction on Reddit. the demographic is perfect for it, however you would want real pictures and not an advertisement. Reddit loves this kind of stuff.


Try contacting website owners of nightclubs and bars. They might be interested.