Learning html and css - what resources would you recommend to learn it properly

Hi All,

I have been trying to learn html and css but I’m not a big fan of watching Youtube videos - mainly because soo many different people have a different way of doing things and they don’t explain what they are doing, its more of a case of “add a div here, add a div there” but don’t say why they are doing that.

I want to pursue a career in web development. I have been trying to self-learn for 3months but I don’t feel as though I am making the progress that I should be making (I spend too much time looking for the correct video or codepen rather than actual coding). I want to start with html and css, once I feel comfortable with this then add in CSS animations and learn Sass and the BEM methodology. Then move onto the exciting stuff of Javascript.

I want to get to get to the point of looking at a website design & then being able to code it from scratch, my aim is to get to this point in 3 months time. How can I look at a website and decide what items I will put in divs and how do I know which divs to give widths to - what materials would give me this information?

I have already tried the following: -

  • Watching Youtube tutorials but I’m not a massive fan to be honest.
  • Bought Udemy courses - Jonas Schmedtmann courses were good but a little outdated.
  • Tried TeamTreehouse free trial for 7 days but again, the course material is from 2015 and the better material was in a price plan that I could not afford.
  • I signed up for the premium on here but trying to read books on a screen is not something I enjoy (I prefer an actual book but some books are too expensive for me to buy and If I do buy a book I want to make sure its money well spent and not something that I won’t learn from.

Bootcamps are out of the question because of the cost.

I am 33 years old, I have a 9-5 admin job in the UK, I have very little money and I am trying to learn web development because it is a better paid job, it interests me, and it could give me the flexibility of working anywhere in the world in my future years. I would love to be able to make web applications such as Quickbooks etc in the future, but for now I would like to be able to make websites to get my “foot in the door”.

I think the best way for me to learn is by having a structure e.g an online course or a physical book. I want material that will explain the code e.g explain why you add a div here and why you use min-height, max-width etc. Explains if you add the width to the Nav or the UL element etc. I want to learn HTML and CSS the correct way, not just by watching random hobbyists on Youtube channels because I don’t know if they are doing it correctly.

I look forward to seeing some of your suggestions.

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