HTML tutorial

Want to learn HTML. anyone for help???

Sitepoint has lots of learning resources for html and there are many more available elsewhere.
These forums are very good when you have a more specific question.

Welcome to the forums, @soumik01lia.

I suggest you have a look around, especially in the HTML and Get Started sections, as we’ve had a number of threads discussing resources for learning HTML.

For example, these are some of the more recent ones:

Online opportunities for learning HTML & CSS

I want learn HTML

Have you tried to google “learn HTML,” there is ton of different resources.
for example:
Site Point Library

code acdemy
tuts plus
team treehouse
this is just a few of the sites, but there is more.

Here are some nice tutorials to learn HTML.


Also check out the next yt channels :

The next one does a lot of php but also css and html :

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