I need a neat website....help

Hi all,
I need a neat, clean, simple website. Responsive with about 5-6 pages. I also need a vbulliten forum configured for the website. No advertising /adsense needed.

I am wondering whats the best way to achieve this?
Option 1: get a custom website developed
wouldnt this cost me a lot ? Also, the design is not crystal clear in my mind. I just have some examples of the look and feel i want (wp themes). I have a full requirements document that lists the required functionality(which is available via wordpress anywy)
Any idea how much i should budget for this?

Option2: buy a wp theme and get it customised. Again, any idea how much should i expect to pay for this?

I posted a job on a freelancer site (for vbulletin installation and customisation) and got quotes from $50 to $1000!

What is your preferred approach and why? How much would u pay for a job like this?

Ps:i dont need integration. The website will be public- just the forums will be accessed via login

in fact that depend about your budget… this in my eyes is a small project so you can spent less money on it by using the market place over here on sitepoint…

Thank you. I’m new to site point. Will check out market place…

I posed a job on a freelance site and I got several responses. Two of the bidders have impressive portfolios. One quoted £30 and the other quoted £100 for setting up my vbulletin forum…any thoughts on what’s a reasonable price fr it?


You can find many on Theme Forest, and you can set this up yourself, if you’re worried about the price, bearing in mind a professional job would require premium functionality like SSL for secure pages, Gravity Forms if you wish to send payment across and your own host from a good hosting company so that you can place your security certificate on.

One quoted £30 and the other quoted £100 for setting up my vbulletin forum…any thoughts on what’s a reasonable price fr it?

That could be a reasonble price JUST for your vBulletin forum, however, your 5-page responsive website would cost considerable amount more. It all depends what’s included, and on occations customers/clients might struggle to know what is included. This is why you might need to be professional consulted in order to gain a proper solution for your problem and achieve what you’re set to.

Thanks Sega.

I plan to split it into two jobs - website and forum

I have no clue how much a website will cost. I’ve seen a nice responsive theme on theme forest for $49 that I really like. Would you know appx how much customizing it will cost?

I will not need any complex functionality at this point. Just a nice looking site and forums. I can spend some money on security since I will hold some key info from members.

For option 2, I would expect the cost to be $500 or less for setup. I do something like this for $390 USD including premium theme for clients. If you have any technical prowess, you can probably setup the Vbulletin forum on your own. I’ve done a few before and it’s not too difficult. If you want to customize it graphically then that will take more technical ability. Not sure if Vbulletin has themes or anything like that but they probably do. You’ll need to learn Vbulletin anyway to setup forums and moderate.

These will be on the same domain I assume? You’ll need to consider upgraded hosting if you plan to have a lot of traffic to the forum.

I think it’s just a simple project so you should not have to spend much money on it … According to me, you should use second option of buying wordpress theme and get customize it… And sorry to say I don’t know about there packages but I am sure that It cost you very less instead of first option…