Need a Miracle


I know zip zero nothing about computers.

OK Where in the world do I start to make a homepage for a v bulletin site…

I can turn the crazy computer on . Thats about it. LOL OH IF it tears up I just go and buy a new one… Seriously…

I went to V IT is all greek…Paid 300.00 for online phone support I hope it is not time based LOL

I agree. I have never developed VBulletin but I know that it is a very powerful tool because I’m on several forums that use it (like this one ;)). If you don’t really know anything about the web I would hire a professional. There should be some around here that would fit the bill perfectly.

That seems like a rather risky thing to do buying an expensive product without researching whether you could actually use it in the first place. Or secondly as to whether you where being sold unnecessary support, etc. You could have download one of the free forums and it probably will have served you well-enough.

In such cases where you have little to know computer knowledge (let alone coding knowledge) I would hire someone to build it for you, you would be better off paying the amount to have the work done off the bat than to spend months (possibly years) getting the knowledge you would need to put such a complex system in place (and to maintain, upgrade and make any applicable code changes). It’s pretty much like brain surgery, not much room for error! :slight_smile:

SLewis, you have a specific need that isn’t particularly difficult to fill, by someone with the right skill set. You can either sit down and learn HTML, CSS, and VBulletin yourself (at least enough to fill your needs), or you can hire a professional to do it for you. (That $300 fee for phone support is pretty steep, you might see about getting the support you need from that. They owe you some support.) Without knowing more about your situation, I’d suggest you consider hiring a pro.