Wordpress with forum

Hi, I’m serious about a forum start up just like sitepoint but in another niche entirely in my country. Please can anyone please just explain how sitepoint was able to make the home page a wordpress blog type before a user can then click on to forum.

I will also be purchasing Vbulletin 5. I want my homepage to be like a wordpress blog just like sitepoint.com then user too can later click to go to forum.How much customization and software do i need. I will appreciate your response.


To do this you will need a wordpress install on the root domain…then just create a folder…perhaps call it forum…then install the forum in its own folder…lastly you will want to link to it from the navigation on your root domain…

Hope this helps…

Thanks. Do i really need a lot of customization?

The main website uses a Wordpress theme…called Thesis…it is a premium theme…most of the customization of a Wordpress site comes from the theme used…there are tons available both free and paid.

Just do a google search for “Wordpress Thesis Theme” to learn more about this particular theme…


Here is the link to Thesis theme:

http://diythemes.com/ :slight_smile:

FYI there were big changes with version 2 - which came out fairly recently. A lot of people are sticking with version 1.85. I certainly am for now. Just so you know :wink: