Сreation of nonprofit tourism forum as a hobby

Hello! I want to create a non-profit tourism forum like this one http://freedownshifting.com. Somebody tell me how popular forums in general, and whether there is in this sense and how much it will cost for me?

Actually freehosting sites that make you make a free forum site as well.

You might want to look it up in the internet.

Ok, but if I don’t have a good knowlege of php I had to hire somebody… his services to create a forum will be worth the money. How much does the installation and setup of the forum cost, so then I could self-administer it? phpbb or vbulletin for example.

The site you linked to is using phpBB, which is free. You can download it and set it up yourself.


You should think about going the ‘already made route’ like TechnoBear listed. Forum software can be quite complex to build with a full set of features, and you would most likely spend quite a lot to get such a thing custom built.

You will likely still have to hire a web-designer to brand the site for you, but your money would likely better be spent on branding rather than re-inventing the wheel.


ServerStorm perhaps you’re right. worth considering…

Can we customize the phpBB forum according to our need? or there is any restrictions regarding uses of this free forum code?

Yes, you can customize phpBB. If you follow the link in my post above, I’m sure you’ll find all the answers you need.