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So, I’ve helped manage a site that -used to- have around 6-7k visitors per day. It’s sort of dead now, as it’s main focus isn’t as popular as before.

I wish to venture out on my own now. I have several ideas for websites, but the one I’m focused on most is the one I’m asking about. I want it to be a P2P e-commerce type of site, but instead of users giving money directly to one another, they must purchase a credit on the site and then use that to buy things. Now, since I don’t have time to code something like this entirely by myself (not to mention my lack of advanced coding skills), I’ve been looking around for systems/software that could be used and coders I can pay to help out. I’ve found a few people who would be willing to customize an e-commerce product into a P2P solution. I’m starting to wonder if it might be easier to purchase a vBulletin license and mod it to fit my needs.

A second project is a little more basic. I hope my post isn’t too long for some of you lol… Anyways it’s a type of gaming site, and I just needed to know the best way to start it if I’ve already got an HTML template for a few different pages of it made up. Are these rendered useless unless if I want to use a CMS such as WP or Drupal? Or is it somewhat easy to install a template using them?

It’s late and I’m finding it hard to find the right words and phrases to describe what I’m trying to ask so any help is appreciated and I’ll try to update tomorrow. Thanks if you read all of it, and bigger thanks if you reply with some advice!

Congratulations and all the very best.

  1. If you are lacking on time and you find a script or solution that you could plug in to save yourself lots of coding? I’d do it. Real advice here would take way more information though, I think.

  2. the gaming site - if you have an HTML template you can absolutely port that into a template for a WP theme or such. There’s a whole industry of web designers that do just that, and I’ve done it more than once for my projects. Definitely don’t ditch a good design or idea just because you’re switching platforms! You would, however, need to convert it yourself or get someone to do so.

Thanks a bunch for the reply!

I re read my post and realized I wasn’t extremely detailed lol. Would $300-$450 be a fair price to pay someone to custom code an ecommerce template to make it p2p and responsive? Along with making it dependent on a site credit system?

Nice one congratulation.

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So I’ve done some asking around, I keep getting quotes of around $200-$300 for someone to convert that specific HTML template to a WordPress theme. Say the template has 25+ pages, is this a fair price?

It’s not easy to answer that without knowing exactly what’s involved, and in any case, “a fair price” will vary from place to place. What’s considered fair in Manilla may not be considered fair in Melbourne or Munich. So partly it will depend on where you’re based and whether you’re paying somebody locally or elsewhere.

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I completely agree with @jeffreylees

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