I have been kicked out of Facebook!

Early this morning I got a message from Facebook that my account got disabled as I wasn’t following the Community Standards rules, without more details. Adding that I could appeal the decision, which I did.

2 hours later I got this answer:
Your account has been disabled. You can’t use Facebook or Messenger because your account, or activity on it, didn’t comply with our Community Standards. We’ve reviewed this decision and it can’t be reversed. For more information on why we disable accounts, please refer to our Community Standards.

I haven’t got a clue on why it happened as on my personal account I am just publishing pictures of my cats, cooking and bike ride.

I do not feel well about that because they don’t give a reason for the decision, pointing to the Community Standards doesn’t help much. I would have love to find out which was the reason and being given to amend the situation.

That said my problem is with my professional page which are under my Facebook account: how can I get access to them ? They are still available.

It’s a disgraceful way for Facebook to behave. It just sounds like a cop out. I can’t see that there’s any way to access pages you manage if you can’t log in to FB.

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TBH Facebook isn’t really my thing or area of expertese, my only involvement with it is at work. But as I understand it these “Community Standards” bans are usually a temorary thing lasting for so many days before you may return. Did they give a timescale?
I believe these come from posting content which they consider offensive or controversial. If as you say, you don’t think you have done anything that may be considered like that, is it possible you have had your account hacked? I hear of it happening all the time.
Are you still able to log in? I’ve not been to “FB Jail” myself, but would assume you could still login, but not post.
I’m not sure how they decide on what “doesn’t comply”, whether it’s automated or vetted by humans. I assume people reporting posts may be the start in many cases, but then how do they decide if the report is actionable? I doubt there is too much human intervention on FB’s part. Knowing how much manual moderation it takes to run a relatively quiet forum like this, I imagine manually moderating something as vast as FB would take legions of moderators.
The closest experience I have of community standards is in submitting product feeds to an FB shop from an E-commerce website. The (obviously) automated process that evaluates products for complying with standards gives an awful lot of false positives, wrongly identifying the nature of the products (some of which are bizzare to the point of being comical). So if that’s anything to go by, I haven’t much faith in it.


Something happened yesterday because when I tried login in to my account from my cell phone I saw what appears on this attached print screen, this didn’t come up on my notebook Strange enough I haven’t been publishing anything myself, yesterday, when supposedly it happened.

I appealed to the decision but now it clearly says We’ve reviewed this decision and it can’t be reversed

I reckon the Facebook’s TOS are something along the line that they can close an account whenever they want, without prior notice and without having to justify their decision. Now I understand that millions of people are using their platform, and that they need to automate processes to the maximum, but one feels completely helpless, and that hurts.
As I am expat Facebook and Instragram helped me keep in touch with people back home and now, I have been wiped out like dust.
Not to mention that I also lost access to the API.

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Sounds like you need to change your password. I’m guessing a bot hacked your account and have been spamming Facebook with random posts. I actually got hit with the same thing on Twitter, though this isn’t my fault tbh. I was dead lock on using 2FA up until they started doing that stupid paid Blue badge crap. So now if you want to use 2FA, you have to pay for it. Elon Musk is more of a complete disgrace than Facebook tbh. Security shouldn’t be a paid option. One of my alt accounts got banned because the 2FA option was released on it allowing bots to hack into it and spam Twitter users and now that account is banned.

Can’t change password, can’t request a new password neither: We’ve determined that you are not eligible to use Facebook. This decision is final. Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we can’t give you any additional information as to why your account was disabled.

Hey man, first off that really sucks. I’m sorry this happened to you.

Secondly, you might not want to hear this, but you should be prepared for the fact that your account is lost for good. Facebook are a law unto themselves as to who they ban and for what reason.

That said, a friend of mine had her account hacked a couple of times. The first time she was able to regain control of her account by filling out a form and sending Facebook a copy of her ID. I think this was the path she followed: https://www.facebook.com/help/hacked

The second time she was hacked, she got locked out of her account for good :frowning:

I’ve just been doing some searching and there appear to be a couple of things you can still try.


That second link goes to a section entitled “Write the Facebook Support Team”.

Good luck!

P.S. There are various paid services that will supposedly help get your Facebook account unbanned. I would personally refrain from using any of these (or at least approach with extreme caution), as there is no proper way to determine if they are genuine or not.


Thank you James for your message. Actually I am thinking that my account is lost but anyway I will have a got at your suggestions, I already appealed, and it was rejected. I am aware that somehow messages got thru under my account, I was thinking about the number of time I logged into websites were I used my Facebook’s credentials and gave those sites access to (part of) my account. Maybe that. Maybe not. That is what I don’t like with the way Facebook handles the thing: I am being accused of something, but I can´t know what, and therefore I don’t any means of correcting myself because perhaps what occurred is something I should know. Even the vilest regime on earth are not that extreme !

Losing 15 years of interaction with this social network does hurt but I will get over it but my worry is on 3 things: the corporate pages which had my account as an administrator, the API I created in their developer´s platform and service requiring to have a Facebook account to use them Whatsapp being one them and I was just around the corner starting using them.

The message translates as:-

You can’t manage profiles for 29 days
Too many pages, profiles or groups you manage were removed for repeat violations.

So yes, it looks like you got hacked. But you should be able to return after the 29 days, maybe you just need to sit it out, if the above help doesn’t work. Though you may then have to asess the damage that has been done to your page, if it still exists.
But it does suck how you are punished for being hacked.

That is a disgrace, making account security a paid extra.

You can use an authenticator app. That is still free.


Sorry to hear that. I haven’t faced such an issue, but I noticed that many people experience problems with their Facebook accouts lately.

I have tried what @James_Hibbard suggested but I hit a dead end: when going to the Report hacked account (facebook.com) page and follow what I am asked for, I end up with the same message “Your account has been disabled. We have reviewed this decision and it cannot be reversed”. Very frustrating. So many posts and never got an issue, well actually one: from a page where a “for adult” post got thru which was solved in a matter of hours a very long time ago, but it has been inactive for more than 3 years now and as I still can access it, I guess it is not the issue. I would think that the IA behind the process of disabling accounts would have some more sight height and detect that was a sudden glitch and consider my 15 years of activity.

I will wait the 29 days to see if I can get access to my professional pages. FWIW it seems I can still access the Instagram account from my notebook, but not from the iOS apps.

I tried both of them and I am ending up with the same answer "Your account has been disabled. We have reviewed this decision and it cannot be reversed”

There seems to be only one path to contact them, which is through those links, and obviously I am getting the same result.

Any of them being able to have their account restored ?

Look at the email I just got !! So far I am not able to log in but that looks like a light at the end of the tunnel, let’s hope it is not a train coming the other way. My Instagram is back online


Yup, when I saw that I’m like

There’s still no need to charge folks money on something that should come as a security default. I know there’s people who argue Elon and Twitter did that because SMS based 2FA is not secure due to SIM swapping, but that’s not a “real” security issue. SMS based 2FA is actually a pretty secure method in terms of brute force attacks. The issue is the human between the phone and the customer. If cell carriers aren’t going to train folks on proper security protocols, who’s really at fault here with SIM swapping? Definitely not the customer.

That’s good to hear.

Do they not have a hotline to call?

I think the moral of the story here is that you shouldn’t put anything into a site/social network that you are not willing to lose on a moment’s notice (and for stupid reasons). Especially Facebook… through the years I have seen them screw up and break their site a crazy amount of times. Why put your personal data (cat pictures or anything else) into a site that has a mantra of “go forth and break things”?

If you are going to put stuff like that online, sure go ahead, just make sure you back up everything. Maybe an automated process that exports your data.

One other thing I will say is that if you ever pay attention to the FB or social media devs, they themselves don’t use their platforms for their personal stuff. That should tell you something. :slight_smile:

Yes, you would think there would be some algorithm to detect an abrupt change in the nature of someone’s activity, that may flag as suspicious, potentially indicitive of a hacking. Just the same as banks may sometimes call you if you make a card purchase that they consider unusual for you, to confirm it is you before allowig the transaction. I guess an SM account is considered less important than that, but I’m sure it could be done if they wanted to.

As I said before I can live with the fact that I am losing what I published for fun of sharing it with friends, etc But they are things I didn’t have the choice: for some clients I had to use Facebook’s API in their process and now I am about to start a project requiring sending messages thru Whatsapp and this must done thru Facebook.

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