Follow up on my last year topic I have been kicked out of Facebook!

This is an update on the topic I posted last year this topic when I got kicked out of Facebook.

A little over a year after I got kicked out of Facebook my profile was wiped out just a few days ago. My corporate profile, as well as all depending fan pages I created, are still available but as my account was used to access them I am not able to update their content.

Through this post a few people reached me sharing their experiences and asking for help, but none managed to get their access back.

No later than today a writer published this article on the Guardian’s website.

Slowly (too slowly) people are learning that sites like Facebook (yes, it’s just one website among billions) are not our friends. The www offered us a way to have our own space (personal website) for displaying our wares to the world, but instead, like sheep, we got drawn down the rabbit hole of proprietary walled gardens like Facepuke and Twatter. We’ve given all the control of our online content to faceless corporations, and then are surprised when we get treated badly and shafted. Well, we only have ourselves to blame.