Facebook Business Accounts - Anything Required for Commenting?

I recall hearing way back, years ago, that users had to make a certain number of posts/messages before their account was rendered fully active. Though this could have been for personal or business accounts, not sure.

Are there any requirements in place today - before the business account will become fully active? Meaning, when a FB user posts on other FB accounts, their profile image/graphic actually show?

My image/graphic will not show when posting to other FB accounts. When other FB users ‘like’ me , the stuff does show but only in that confined ‘like’ box on their page.

Other than that, my 32 by 32 graphic does show only when commenting on my own account page.

In fact, when commenting on othe FB pages, instead of my link being:


[/COLOR][I]It is:

[/I]facebook.com/profile.php?id=100(followed by numerica string)

Which apparantly goes through a redirect before arriving at facebook.com/myregisteredname

[I][COLOR=#a9a9a9]Sorry for the DP, but cannot edit the above.

[/COLOR][/I]Please note that I do not have a fan page or any created pages besides the main account associated with my twitter @name

It now occurred to me – is it necessary to create another actual page to activate commenting on other FB pages?

[I]Going to:

[/I]Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Your Settings > /then uncheck ‘Posting Preferences’ = twitter says “always comment and post on your page as myaccount, even when using Facebook as .”

There is nothing else listed, at the end, because of this lack of a page. Isn’t unchecking this the general fix for making the graphic show? Must I create another page? If so, should it be merged with the main account page in order to go by the same name?

- My horns are dripping molten green on this one.

Will keep in mind for making posts. But as far as posting comments on other FB accounts, I still can’t comment to where somewhere would recognize who’s doing it. Still trying to figure out why my graphic isn’t showing, if I need to create a page besides my main account & what type if so. Driving me crazy. :headbang: Might have to take the risk and start making pages to test, not knowing if this can be undone. Or if the page would have to be merged.

This would make the nicest New Years present I ever received if someone could answer this!

Why would you need another account to post? Your account can work as either your individual account or a business / professional page depending on what you activate and are trying to accomplish [pages being far more limited in what they can post].

Because when I go to:

Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Your Settings >[COLOR=#a9a9a9] / and then uncheck ‘Posting Preferences’

[/COLOR]Facebook follows their pre-checked selection with "always comment and post on your page as (myaccountname), even when using Facebook as . Note: You’re currently using Facebook as . To switch to B[/B], click Account at the top of any page. "

But there is nothing else listed, at the end, I think, because of this lack of a page. Doesn’t unchecking the box normally make the graphic show when posting on other accounts?

However when I uncheck this and and click ‘save changes’ , Facebook just keeps rechecking it without modification.

This is obviously not something 99.9% of users see and for the remaining 0.1% of us we see our page names. Of course keeping that box checked is what you want most of the time. What happens when you post to a page / profile now?

Perhaps you’re right not to need another account but a dud page, not to post with but because some sort of flag seems to be set, perhaps from a page you use to have, and having one may help get things back in sync.

When I post to a page - it ALWAYS shows the generic FB silhoutte and without my link. Which is evident even when I am not logged on (sometimes manually edited out). However when other FB accounts like my account - my image strange enough shows under their ‘like’ box and this is the only time.

All permissions are open on my account.

Ted S. - are you suggesting this is probably due to their editing/manual review of the other FB account users?

My account has been tested with another FB account, both accounts having ‘all permissions open’ and still, my image will not show on the other account when I comment! I’m trying to figure out how this can be falling through these cracks.

I’m starting to like your idea of the ‘dud’ page. Can individual pages be deleted after started? Any particular kind of page you would suggest (existing page/account is ‘Company, Organization or Institution’?

[I][COLOR=#a9a9a9](sorry for the DP - couldn’t edit)

[/COLOR][/I]This might help resolve this:

When I go to ‘Create a Page’ then click on ‘Pages I Admin’,

  • my account shows as it should, but when I choose ‘Pages I like’

  • it is blank, notably saying ‘s Likes’ in upper left corner with ‘No Results Found’ – even though [COLOR=#0000ff]I have liked 7 others. Which do all show up on my ‘wall’ under ‘likes’.

[/COLOR]Wondering why or how this could be?

Something’s obviously happening at the crossover between my account & others. FB is blanking out.

As for creating a page - When I go into create a page, FB seems to be starting from square one, asking for the same fields as before I had my account - even though I’m logged on.

[I]When I go to: Update Page > Page info > Profile Picture

[/I]My profile picture shows.

[I]When I go to: Admin Roles

[/I]My email address shows up beside that dreadful silhoutte, listed as the manager.
Should my profile picture show up here, instead of the silhoutte?


Also, I see that: 

"[Can multiple people use the same account to manage a Page? No. A Page can have [URL="https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=187316341316631&in_context"]multiple admins](https://www.facebook.com/help/112010735553116/), but each Page admin will need their own personal Facebook account. "

I don't have a personal FB account - only the business account. [I][B]Does FB mean[/B][/I] each have their[I] own [/I]account or each have their [I]own [U]personal[/U] [/I]account? This is not clear.


[I]BTW - all of the the above problems have been occurring with FF and IE7 so I don't think its my browser. Also tried turning off the firewall/antivirus.[/I]

Do you see the photo when logged in as yourself?

You have a personal account which you simply chose not to use for anything but business… accounts must be created with real names for real people and thus are personal. Only a Facebook staff member can assign a specific “business” account.

Each account can manage an [nearly] unlimited number of pages but accounts are not designed to be shared thus if you had 5 employees each would be authorized to manage your page through their personal accounts rather than logging in with the same credentials.

Every page needs new details… the page’s name, location, etc. They are not copied from your personal account.

[COLOR=#a9a9a9]re: on my seeing ONLY the generic silhoutte on other FB pages commented on:

[/COLOR]Q: “Do you see the photo when logged in as yourself”?

ANSWER: no, not for where I had ‘commented’. I see my photo/thumbnail only when a FB user has liked me as showing through their account ‘like’ box.

The only thing I’ve created is one page (attachment) for a ‘Company, Orgainization or Institution’ while supplying the requested ‘category’ and ‘company name’, as it asks for - it did not ask for personal name.

Within my account, admin roles: I am listed as ‘Manager’ with my email address above it, and there is nobody else listed beneath (attachment) .

Those are page admin screenshots. What happens when you just visit www.facebook.com? Do you see your thumbnail there?

When I visit my account at facebook, all my thumbnails show up. Even for making a comment.

When I visit facebook.com alone, it automatically redirects to my account. I can’t visit facebook.com by itself.

Assuming you are asking when I am signed on.

You mean your news feed?

What happens if you click to comment on one of the posts you see there? Does the icon show as you comment? After it’s saved?

This is my main page, with ‘highlights’ button toward the top, where I’ve connected to Twitter, can make posts that link to a website page, others can ‘Like’ 'Comment, etc. As of today, lower in the page it now shows ‘Earlier in 2012’

When I click on a comment (on my own page) my icon shows, after I hit enter to save it, the icon shows with my link followed by my comment. This shows even when am I logged out afterward.

So then what’s the problem?

The problem is that my icon and link doesn’t show when commenting on other FB account pages, other than my own. Just that grey silhoutte and without the link.

My guess would be permissions but at this point I’d say to keep contacting Facebook until you hear back. Not much that someone without access can do in the event there is something wrong…

Are you saying they are likely blocking certain permissions?

I’m starting to wonder if it could be my ip address - possible abuse by someone previously using it.

So it sounds like attaching an admin who has a personal account really won’t matter? Not advisable?

Have been contacting Facebook since the end of Nov. on this.