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I looking for HTML5 website Templates for my website. I have not ideas about HTML as well template too much. Help me choose HTML5 website template.

If you’re looking for a “bare bones” kind of template then you could do a lot worse than HTML5 Boilerplate, but if you want something with more content already included you’ll have to give us some idea of what the website is all about.

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My website is dealing with the useful Information about Website Design, SmartPhone apps and Internet Tips. It has already published content.

I have removed the link as it is unnecessary to answer your question, @baavinashkumar, but I notice that it is a WordPress site. Are you asking here about WordPress themes rather than HTML templates?


If you’re looking for HTML5 templates then you can get templates for your website from ThemeVault.

but why HTML5 templates…anything special about it?

website templates are coded in latest version HTML5. They are easy to use and customize also

Unless @baavinashkumar returns to clarify what he wants, there is very little point in continuing this discussion.

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I have just taken Massive Template for my website. Dear @TechnoBear, I haven’t more doubts regarding HTML5 website Template. It’s my request to close this threads If the replies are not much useful.

Thank you, @baavinashkumar.

There doesn’t seem to be much point in leaving it open, as it appears to be going nowhere.