HTML5 and CSS3 boilerplate

Whats the best HTML5 and CSS3 boilerplate that can be used as a foundation for each project instead of writing all the same code again from scratch? Is there any in particular that someone could recommend please?

I’ve used bits and pieces of this before:

However, typically, I have my own file structure, CSS reset, htaccess file to use as a starting point that I’ve developed over the years.

Thanks, was thinking of using that one or a version of it but I suppose it’s best to find out what works best for yourself.

I feel helpless with HTML 5. Although it is considered to be a revolution. I will try to put out a product coming

You can also consider Bootstrap. See this on the difference.

I wasn’t familiar with HTML5-Boilerplate when I started working on my site, however, I used rails which has some convention on how your project should be structured.

Thanks, I had a look at bootstrap before…it seems very complex and maybe too much in it