What kind of template is used here?

I came across following sites, both using nice templates:

  • Templates are based on HTML 5?
  • Which CMS is used (WordPress…)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes both template design using HTML5, Jquery and CSS3.

Neither site appears to use WordPress. Both have an HTML5 doctype but don’t use a lot of the new HTML5 elements. The velten site uses jQuery but not the contently site.

There is definitely HTML5 being used. You can see it in the animation and how structured it is.
The CMS looks to be a custom one. Wordpress isn’t laid out like that.

Not necessarily custom. Not all off the shelf CMSes declare themselves as obviously as WP.


Good Eye. May I ask how the individuals who said this was a template, know that it is one?

Because every web page is a template. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can spot a WordPress template because it has telltale code. But often there’s no visible difference between some kind of pre-built template and a basic, self-coded HTML/CSS template.

Piggybacking on this thread, can anyone tell me what theme is used here: http://relaysupply.com

I’ve figured out that it’s a Magento site, but that’s about it. I’m looking for a similar color scheme to the ones posted by the OP, a blue and gray kind of template. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I always assume that the design is unique unless I’m shown otherwise (pretty naive, I guess. :lol: ) If you look at the CSS file, it’s licenced to Magento itself, which suggests to me that this is one of their default themes, though that’s a pure guess and nothing else.

I recommend you just create your own look and style and not depend on any one else’s code … which usually is a nightmare to work with.

Thanks Ralph. I will check out the Magento default templates to see what I can find.

It would be nice if someone wrote a Magneto theme wizard; i.e. you have a sample store, and a bar on the left hand side of the page for you to change the colors of various pieces. I suppose the issue is that some of the theme is image based, which wouldn’t be easy to change on the fly like that.

It would be nice if someone wrote a Magneto theme wizard

Yes, these things can be handy, but they usually lead to pretty nasty, bloated code in the background. So if possible, they are better avoided.

But the veltenmedia site has this - <meta name=“generator” content=“WordPress 3.6.1” /> in the head. An indication that it is run on WordPress possibly? :slight_smile: