Looking for a nice, HTML5 website template for my new online service

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if you can recommend me a website template or website template service for my new start-up? I need a website template for the marketing website (homepage, sub-pages, etc.). I will be building the application side on bootstrap framework.

Any suggestions?


Hi Terry. :slight_smile: What do you mean by a template service? Really, a well designed website starts by looking at the content and what the site needs to do, and builds the layout and design around that.

Ralph, thanks. I was looking for a website template for my online service but you’re right, I need to write the copy first :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s best to design around the content. At least having the content ready and organized will help you choose a more appripriate template, if you still decide to go down that route. :slight_smile: