Responsive html5 templates - any good links?

I am lookikg for some creative Inspiration…most of my sites have been built and rebuilt using progressively more updated css3 and html, referenced from a large library of code I’ve built up over the years.

I am after mainly a few awesome templates to download, to break, tweak, rebuild etc.

Im after a few experiment projects to play with, just something totally different from my usual process.

Any links appreciated. :slight_smile:

Remember that the responsiveness comes from the CSS, not the HTML … although plain HTML is quite responsive, of course (but not in the sexy way that’s normally talked about).

You could have a look at something like the HTML5 Boilerplate, and perhaps some of the CSS frameworks out there, like Zurb’s Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap. They have quite a bit of interesting code to look at.

you just try this: