How we can improve CTR?

I would like to share that my website is ranking at first position for some good searches keywords but still CTR percentage is very low. Please tell me what to do?

Are you referring to click-throughs from the search engine results pages (SERPs)?

If so, then you need to make the information shown in the SERPs more attractive to the searcher. In particular, make sure the page title accurately reflects the content of the page, and gives the searcher a reason to click through. Similarly with the snippet text (the short extract that appears below the title). You can’t directly control which text is used for the snippets, but in many cases it is taken from the Description meta tag, so make sure that that text is written in a way that will entice the searcher to give you the click.

As an example, if you had a website concerned with learning JavaScript, a title like “Everything you want to know about JavaScript” would be more likely to attract clicks than one called “XYZ Co. Home Page”.

These methods will not guarantee that you will imporve the click-through rate, but they will help.