How to use Youtube video for SEO?

I have noticed that many website has videos and are ranked on the first page of the Google search engine. So, I followed them and submitting my videos to Youtube and also generate links to get the video on the top rankings but after a long period of time my Youtube video is not even shown in search engine results. So I would like to ask that what SEO technique should be adopted to ranked the video on Google.

Youtube is yet another site provided by GOOGLE, so it is like a obvious thing that it gets more importance, AS Google is now a days promoting G+ as major Social Networking Platform. How to use Videos, here is how:

  1. You can share your single video on different sites, as it never involve in duplicate issue.
  2. Use all the terms, like title, description, meta tags, meta description. Every site has this feature and allow you to put all this information. (Try To use unique content for this)
  3. Along with this, video sites also allow to have a link back to your site, it increase number of backlinks.

You can’t set any SEO benefits from YouTube videos. If you link your content in videos, then that’ll be nofollow, so no link juice is passed. You can create videos, put in links in the videos and use them to drive traffic. The more videos you put out the better.

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The OP is not asking how to use video for SEO purposes to promote a site, but instead wants to know what techniques to use to rank the video itself in Google SERPs.

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If you want to use youtube video for ranking them, follow few steps. Make sure that you have insert all require information while uploading videos. information like title, description and tags. you are talking about seo then you have to consider keywords too. find out right keywords for your videos and target those keywords in title and description of the videos. if you have already upload videos then edit video and fill all require information. after that share your video links to social media as well as do some high pr social bookmarking of the video even there target keywords in title and description.

Writing a description for the video that will make Google think it is the best result for the phrase(s) you want to rank for.

Only video submission is not enough to be ranked, first create a engaging and interesting video than while uploading optimize it by providing appropriate title, search keyword and description. Than share your videos to your friends to get visit and comments, do bookmarking for it.Than the value of your video will increase as well as your site ranking.

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