Embedding and using Youtube video and title

Hey all,

Im currently building a site, where I will be embedding a lot of Youtube videos.

Currently my setup is like the following:

  1. I find a relevant youtube video.
  2. I embed the video to my page via the available embedding code.
  3. I Copy & Paste the title of that the youtube video, and use the exact same title on as a headline for that page.

My question is in regards of nr 3.

Is it alright for me to copy&paste the exact same headline which is used on youtube.com for the particular video im embedding, and use it as a headline on my page along with the embedded video?

I’ve tried looking at their terms of usage, but didnt really stumble upon anything meaningfull to me.
My guess it would be no problem, but I just want to be sure before I start on anything :slight_smile:

i dont think using their title would be an issue. however using a different might be better for you as per SEO.

it will depend if you are creating Ur website for Seo purpose so create Keyword rich title for videos…and do proper video optimization .

I agree with webcosmo. Try changing the title into more seo friendly. That might help you even outrank Youtube.