Video is help to improve SEO?

Video optimization is improve SEO ranking?. Because if we can upload videos into our site mean it gets increase our web page loading time. Whether it gets good rank or bad rank.

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Video Really Helps to Improve Ranking But Always Try to Upload Low Memory Video or always assure that your Video don’t Increase Website Loading time …

yes, video do improve SEO, and also the PDF files…

I’m afraid you’re out of date - earlier this year, Google added a measurement of site speed into its algorithm - see Google Webmaster Central. While it is never going to be one of the most significant factors, every factor counts!

Wow, your English is bad :slight_smile:

Anyway, loading time of your website is essential for visitors, but Google doesn’t rate your website according to the speed, well, that is what Matt Cutts says anyway.

Posting videos is always a good way to get new visitors, first post your videos on youtube then add a link to your site, build a community of followers, that is what you want :slight_smile:

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Video is already important for SEO, now that Google is using universal search. By uploading a video to You Tube and tagging it with your target keywords, you may find yourself on page 1, even if your site isn’t there yet.

I think Video will be increasingly important as Google will be adding voice recognition technologies in the future that could play an important role in SEO. I don t know when that will happen

Like Stevie pointed out, it’s all personal preference. However, do not have a video on your site that starts playing automatically. Aside from being incredibly annoying, I believe it can create some problems for you if you use PPC. I don’t have a link, but I seem to remember reading that video that start automatically count as pop-ups, and you cannot have them on any page that links to a PPC ad.

Aside from that, if you’re going to create videos for your site, use the same standards that you do for the rest of your content. You can’t just talk off the top of your head. you need to do research and come up with a script.

You’re also going to need to practice, because most people look tremendously awkward in front of a camera - as someone who spent years as a TV news reporter and had to interview all kinds of people, I can attest to that! Even the ones who were experts on the subject usually gave the ‘deer in headlights’ look once the little red light came on.

You’re also going to need a good backdrop. I’m not saying you need a professional set, but if you’re doing a video from your office, at least make sure the background is clean. I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve seen that are shot in front of a messy desk. IMO, it lessens your credibility when you don’t take care of details like that.

Bottom line - yes, videos are becoming more popular. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re any less work. In fact, they can be even more work than regular written content.

The information given in the video is more effective than in written form because user always prefer to get information from visuals. Video can also play very important role to decrease the bounce rate.

Adding Video’s on your website is good for visitors but not for search engines if you add your video on video sharing sites like youtube or metacafe and more… they also have increase your visitors and give you also some potential visitors…

Emm… I think I should try upload an vedio to my site.

the only thing that video is good for is traffic

You’ll have to give a link - because I looked, and I watch these things very closely and i have seen NOTHING to state that site-speed has not been added to the ranking algorithm, let alone agree to be a myth…

Sorry, but that is all complete rubbish.

Some people may prefer to watch a video than read text. Many people prefer to read text than to watch a video. I can read at my own pace, I can skim and scan and pick out the bits that interest me, whereas if it’s a video, I pretty much have to sit through the whole lot, which will take longer than reading the whole lot, and a lot longer than reading the bits I want to read.

I can’t copy and paste from a video into an email or other document. I can’t use an online translator if it is not in my first language. If the recording isn’t all that clear, there’s nothing I can do to make it easier to listen to.

If I go to a website wanting to read an article, and all I can find is a talking head video of that article, I will almost certainly bounce straight out. If the article is there in text, there’s a much higher chance that I will engage with the site.

And finally, getting back on-topic, it’s much harder to optimise videos for search engines, because they don’t contain any machine-readable text.

You are right that videos don’t have a huge impact on SEO, but they can bring you organic traffic, SEO is all about getting high rank, it’s about attracting free visitors, there are plenty way of ding this, videos are one of them. And you are right about automatic play, but who would do that, it’s plain stupid!

And what you said about slow time hurting your ranking in the SERP is a myth. Google can’t rank a site by it’s load time, that is just a measure that you can use to know the experience of your customers, which directly influences their opinion of your site, but again, it doesn’t influence your rankings. Stop spreading myths, if you don’t believe me go to Google’s Matt Cutts Blog and see for yourself, one of the top 10 myths passed around SEO community!

Video doesn’t have a huge impact on SEO, because Googlebot and other spiders can’t read it, and if they can’t read it then they just ignore it. While page load time can hurt your search rankings if pages are too slow, I’m sure Google can figure out the difference between a page that loads slowly, and a page that loads fast but has a big lump of video embedded in it.

But, of course, that wouldn’t matter to Googlebot, because you wouldn’t have the video playing automatically, would you? That’s a bad thing to do … if you’re going to include video or audio, it should only start downloading/playing with the user tells it to.

Sorry, but you are the one who is out of date, that was 4 months ago as a part of Google Caffeine testing, I already told you go to Matt Cutts blog and look at the last months posts, you will see a video and a post stating that it was a one of the tests and that it will not influence the rankings at all, not until further notice. You want a link or is just a clue enough?

Also, it’s discussed on Aaron Wall’s blog as well :slight_smile: heard of SEObook maybe?