How to rank YouTube Videos?

I have a Youtube channel. But, in maximum times I can’t rank my videos. So, I want to know how to optimize my channel.
For YouTube video ranking, I want to know about youtube video optimizing. If there are any secret tips, please tell me by giving useful tips.


your Youtube channel is essentially a web page like any other, building up followers, having people sharing your videos and websites linking to your videos and embedding them on their websites is how your rankings will improve… Make sure you use good descriptions for your videos and provide as much information on your channel as possible… Best of luck…


Google Adsense is the best for your youtube videos. You need to earn much subscribers and visitors use adsence tool.

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Write good description which includes targeted keywords and keyword variations.

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Best method so far is to watch Anthony Hayes videos, he has explained how to optimize the videos correctly to target audience.

BTW, I have an experience of 6 years in SEO :eyebrows:

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  • Consider your YouTube channel as your website homepage and the videos as landing pages.
  • Get more trust from withing YouTube first. Interact on other channels and videos.
  • Increase video ranking factors like : Likes, Comments, shares (embeds + shares)
  • Trending videos are given higher importance internally in Youtube. This will help you get views / likes / shares etc.
  • Basically everything will boil down to one fact - How good your video content is.
  • I have even tried commissioning some fake likes, views on youTube videos to get more traction. It has given good results in some cases and failed to being any traction in other cases.

Thanks a Lot. I try my level best.

Thanks a Lot. For making YouTube title and tags, I take help from Tubebuddy and vidIQ Extensions.

Thanks a lot. I’ll follow him. But, if you want to see my channel attentively, you can suggest what can I do for ranking my channel.

This is a good suggestion. I’ll follow it. Thanks a lot.

I’m with google Adsense. I’ve approximately twelve thousand subscribers. But, search value or view value is poor. Which Adsense tool is better for me. Please inform me.
Sorry for late reply. Thanks.

Thanks a lot. I must follow your guidelines. There is a lacking in my description. Try to improve it.

YouTube has own guidelines, which you must observe if you want gain new viewers. Very important is title, relevant keywords and good content.

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By reading this post I see that my channel needs a lot of improvements. I am sure that by making your channel better you not only get many visitors but you also improve the rankings in general. Thanks for useful replies.

YouTube channel not increasing your website ranking and more video views showing you channel so please unique content implement and your channel url optimization.

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Rank YouTube videos writing targeted Keyword in title,Write overview what is video about in description & using proper tags.Now go to Offpage Share your video on top social media flatforms.blogs,bookmarking sites.

first of all - Right click on your video and select “Get Info”. Then Add tags related to your video’s keywords and synonym keywords. Name the file based on your main keyword and secondary keywords (ex: How to Rank YouTube Videos - Ranking Videos in Google - Webris). Add some comments about what the video is about.

Thank you for your valuable information

Its not a big deal, You need to perform few task before and after uploading any vide.

  1. Optimize your Video title
  2. Your video Description should be good
  3. Focus on Video Quality and length.
  4. Share you YouTube Video links on other social Media platforms.
  5. Be active for reply any comments politely.

Take care of some points that will help in video optimization.

  1. Use attractive video title.
  2. Use different thumbnail for video.
  3. Share your video with social media accounts.
  4. Put video url in bloggers as well.