How to get my youtube video on first page?

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I am working on video lines my company wanted to promote their videos on youtube as well as google search results. I am not worked on video lines yet before so i need your help

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Use research tool google trends it gives you the right volume When you will selected google title also best usage of keyword tags you get Top on youtube also you need to own share to social network. If your video is really Awesome and providing the good information so you must get real visitors. By Google trends you can get rank on google with your video.Depend on Competitor if some one submit there attractive video. So you can submit a video multiple videos plateforms.

Find low competition keywords with keyword planner or long tail pro.
Use that keyword and make a video that provides great content.

also, you need to share it on google+ and other social networks. The more exposure the higher it will rank.

Use Title tag and Meta tags ( Title, Description, Keywords)
In title and description use your targeted keywords. promote your video in social networks and other video sharing sites.

Seo on your youtube videos, keywords in video title, description and tags. Not sure about this but backlinks to the video also rank your youtube video up. Low competition key phrases for youtube and google

Hey thanks fore the nice tips. This has been my first ever post to a forum community since I’m not a very tech-savvy person and I don’t like spending hours in front of my computer screen. My colleague has been into earning money online and he’s always interested in getting to know if he can earn from YouTube, Facebook and Blogs. He’s even into network marketing since a friend recently recommended him to try it out. Seems like he’s going to resign from work pretty soon. I’ll definitely share these posts with him.

Get lots of views and be lucky. This is something you have little control over. You can use lots of appropriate tags so the search knows to display it. Or pay youtube to promote the video. There’s a promote button in the videos section.

Well the video has to be optimized. Make sure the title has the keyword you are targeting. Building manual links also are needed.

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