How to stop the web page Security Center from over riding my home page?

hey all!
The web page Security Center over-rides my home page and no matter what I do this page pops up. Now Icon showed up in my tool bar at the same time with a real annoying bubble that says I am at risk. I have tried disabling this icon but just keeps coming back everytime I start my machine.
what i must do?

You are talking about the Windows security center i presume…?
if so, what OS are you running?

try have a look at these topics as a start:

If it is “Internet Antivirus Pro” its a virus. My antivirus failed me once and I had a virus like that slip past the goalie- it mimics windows security in appearance but won’t let you run anything, or it constantly interrupts you for a “scan”. You’ll have to restart in safe mode and take a look at your startup programs and disable it. After that, do a full virus scan and hope it didn’t damage your system too badly. Your mileage may vary, my computer was compromised to the point where I needed a clean OS reinstall.