How do I get rid of Virus pretending to be a virus protection?


I have got a virus installed on my Laptop which claims to be Windows Vista virus protection. It pops up at all time warning that my Laptop is infected and that I should go to this web site called:

FYI, above web site is registered to some one in Turkey.

and buy a subscription.
It is also making life hell by preventing Web browsers to properly launch, again
redirecting all new browsers opening to that web site where I am told to buy a subscription to this virus checker.

How do I get rid off this damn thing? Oooooh :frowning:
FYI: it is no where under “remove programs” list. And it does not show up under the task manager either.

Thank you before hand.

Is it just IE that suffers from the redirect or all web browsers on your computer?


It is both IE and Firefox which are stopped and redirected to this Web site.
Not Opera or Oxygen browsers.
BTW, this same pop up, which is just like Windows Vista security,
pops up at PC start up too.

Thanks for your help.

Have you scanned the computer for malware, spyware, etc?

Which software do your recommend for this?

FYI, I usually prefer find out manually where the malware files are
and removed them like that. FYI, once I had such a situation and the
commercially available virus scanner/removers could not remove it but
someone gave me the guidance to manually remove the problem. Actually
someone on Sitepoint.


I use Spybot to scan for malware, spyware, etc

Dump Windoze! Linux doesn’t have these sorts of problems.

Ok, I may give this try.
Shame you did not know how to manually get rid off this virus.
Thanks anyway.

I am really begging to get to the point that the only way to be free of these
viruses is to use Linux rather the crappy MS products.
I mean how crappy can their software be to allow such a malware do download on their system via the browser!

So what version of Linux for the desktop do you recommend?

If my system got infected… I would hit the format button and re-install, once spyware gets latched into your system, it’s next to impossible to fully remove. Spyware is a bigger problem than viruses (if you examine infection patterns). By the way: You’re assumption is wrong, ANY OS which allows programming and isn’t sandboxed can be infected with Spyware or viruses. Mac AND Linux could easily have malicious software written for them, it’s just that the people who write them don’t bother as they have a small insignificant market share (in terms of general usage). Any claims that Windows is more buggy is purely absurdity, I prefer Linux to Windows but I’m not going to be silly enough to make unfounded claims because I know any machine can be compromised. :slight_smile:

PS: If your machine get’s infected, it’s your fault for not being cautious enough, no machine gets infected without the end user doing something silly.

this is some nasty rogue hijacker malware and you’'ll need this (malwarebyte am) and [URL=“”]this (ccleaner) and i’ll throw in [URL=“”]this (hijackthis) as well.

now, clear all your temp files and folders run malwarebytes antimalware and ccleaner and hijackthis. save hijackthis log (don’t remove anythig in hijackthis that you are unsure of), reboot into safe mode and run malwarebyte again, then ccleaner. empty thrash and reboot to see if you got rid of it.

if you still having problems have a look at this site

Good Luck :slight_smile:


I ran Spybot and it seems to have done the Job.


I’ve tried several flavors of LInux but settled on Ubuntu.


Can you install and run Unbutu on a PC (Laptop) that already has
Windows (Vista) on it?
And will then at boot time one be provided with the option of booting
into Linux or Windows?
And of course are all our existing files and programs under Windows work
just fine after the Linux install?


Yes, if you have enough disk space. You can actually install Ubuntu as a Windoze program using Wubi (though I’ve never tried it).


Windows will work as before. Linux should be able to access your Windoze files. If you want to run Windoze programs in Linux, you’ll need Wine to do it.

You can download the live CD and boot it up to give Ubuntu (or whatever flavor you choose) a trial spin.

Note: I am running an older version of Ubuntu (7.10) so not quite sure about the newer versions. You can check on the Ubuntu forums to find out what’s going on with the newer versions… The next release - Lucid Lynx - is coming out in April and I am going to upgrade then as it will be supported for 3 years.

Well yes try using the live Linux CD either Ubuntu or some other like Knoppix and remove that freaking software. What i do as it happened with me i use my Fedora live cd and remove similar kind of software and it work but to be on more safe side i also reinstall my Windows and now it all perfect