Window opens when I connect to Internet

i am facing a problem that is " when i connect the internet or during browsing a unwanted site opened can i get ride of it. pl reply me soon. i shall be very thankful to you.


this is seem like a virus problem, so use any good updated antivirus.

after this windows will not open automatically.

Good Luck !!!

If you are using windows XP then it may be a windows virus activity

Change your home page in the browser to the site you want to have open when you access the internet.

How you do this depends on which browser you are using.

Avoid using Internet Explorer as that is where many security holes are found and where many browser exploits are.

Also, do not install random plugins and if you are on firefox, you might want to get the NoScript plugin.

IE7 and IE8 are just as secure as the alternative web browsers. It is only IE6 that has known security holes. To plug those holes in IE6 without upgrading the browser it is just a matter of turning off activeX.

If anything Firefox is the next least secure browser after IE6 simply because so many people install lots of extensions into it and the combination of several extensions may create a security hole (since no one can test all possible combinations of extensions there is no way to tell when this might occur). You are better off choosing a browser that has all the functionality you want already built into the browser (for example Firefox is the only browser that doesn’t have a JavaScript debugger built in so you have to install the Venkman extension just to get the same functionality for debugging JavaScript as is built into IE8, Opera, Safari and Chrome - so if you want to be able to debug JavaScript using any browser other than Firefox will make it easier to do).