Problem with firewall

In the last two days I’ve been getting the message that there is no firewall turned on and when I click in the balloon it takes me to Windows Security Centre which shows the Firewall as being turned on. I have logged on as I have usually done before so there had been no changes to what I had been doing.

Below is the message in the balloon:

"your computer might be at risk

no firewall is turned on

Click balloon to fix this problem"

I’m concerned as I had previously never been getting this and the windows security center settings - showing the firewall as on are still the same from what I can see.

Is this something that anyone else has encountered and if so what should I do in order to further ensure that the firewall is working ok.


Yes, I’ve seen that many times. That’s something I normally see from WinDoze complaining about lack of anti-virus program (rather than firewall) after updating to the latest AV program. The same is likely to happen for your firewall. My NAS (Windows Home Server) also complains to every computer on the LAN about the lack of AV program on each of the attached computers but that nag can be turned off.



thanks for that.

I get the same issue with the ant-virus aswell but when I update it to the latest version the message doesn’t show again.

I’m concerned because even though the windows firewall is showing as on the message is saying there is no firewall active.

As i’ve only been getting the message in the past few days, I’m concerned that something may have happened and if I need to do anything further.

Do a thorough malware scan of your computer. There are fake security center trojans that give messages like you’re seeing. Besides your antivirus, run malwarebytes and similar malware scanners.