Anti Vir

Ok, so I’ve been using Anti Vir for ions now & they changed something several months ago that doesn’t allow me to right click on the icon & turn it off.

This makes it very very difficult to run otther anti virus programs, or do other things to the computer that require all things to be shut down.

I turned off the guard potion, but the online scanner is still recognizing Anti Vir.

Does anyone know how to turn it off completely? Geeze.



You right click on the tray icon, select “AntiVir Guard Enable” and it will disable it, works perfectly for me. :slight_smile:

PS: If you cannot right click on the icon, my suggestion would be it may be something on your system.

Actually that doesn’t do it 100%.

Here are the full instructions…

place a check mark next to Expert Mode (upper left corner of configuration screen) in order to see all the options. Expand the General category. Then click on Security and uncheck the boxes under Protect Configuration file and Protect Processes.

Ended up getting it from their forum. Didn’t know they had one LOL