Easiest way to learn php

I really want to learn php. I checked out a few sites but they confused me. What are some really good easy tutorial sites where i can learn php fast?

It depends how you learn best, by reading techical documentation, by following examples, by amending existing code etc? Also, what previous programming experience do you have?

None i know almost nothing about php.

Excellent, you answered all the above questions in one shot, you don’t like reading and you want to get started right away :wink:
I start by reading this.

Thanks i will check it out.

See This link…

It holds Entire Thing…


I think the best way to start is to read a few tutorials then start looking at other peoples code, see if you can understand what is going on. Then you should try editing code, I think that if you edit other code to give it another function etc… it sets you up for starting to write your own code.

Get yourself a cheap PHP book as a reference guide and then start reading the articles here on SitePoint!

PHP is a very easy language, in my opnion, although if you’ve never done programming before there is no shortcut. You need to learn the fundamentals and the structure. That means understanding what variables, data types, operators and functions are (nothing there is PHP specific). Structure is about understanding where and how you can use those things you just learnt.

If you’re just interested in learning then you’ll pick it up pretty soon, but don’t think that will mean you can go and build some complex website. There’s a difference between knowing PHP and being able to implement a secure site that has been optimsed for its end-purpose.

Good luck!

well i wouldn’t recommend the link markl999 suggested. It might be confusing for a starter (but that’s only my opinion).

Since you have no previous experience ; grasping the concepts might be a little bit hard , but once you get through that ; everything else will be easier to learn.

You could try W3C schools tutorial for the basics (although it doesn’t explain much). Then you could read [url=http://www.sitepoint.com/books/phpmysql1/?SID=bb9371e34207f1abcff8f069a74c7845]Kevin Yank’s book , then both [url=http://www.sitepoint.com/books/phpant1/?SID=bb9371e34207f1abcff8f069a74c7845]PHP anthology books. This way you could reach the “advanced” level in no time. (well “no time” could range from a few months to a year :wink: )

Good luck :slight_smile:

I started all those years ago, right here on Sitepoint by reading Kev Yank’s “Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL” tutorial.

The series has been kept up to date and is now in it’s third revision. It’s a great starting point, walking you through the steps for setting up a simple CMS. For me this worked great as a starting point because it allowed me to see the code come to life, walking me through the steps needed to actually make something that works rather than just reading reams of code about the more complex aspects of PHP that might scare a beginner off.

This series helped get me bit by the PHP bug and I’d reccommend it highly. The url is http://www.sitepoint.com/article/php-mysql-tutorial

I think you got already a couple of links that are interesting to get you started :wink:

Remember: There is no easy way… So easiest might be misleading :wink:

I think the first thing you have to ask yourself is “why do I want to learn php?”. Surely the best reason for learning something is to satisfy a particular development need, so what is your need? Once you know that need, start looking up tutorials (using Google) which demonstrate the functionality you are seeking.

I learnt php, cos it got to the stage that some content on the website I was administrating was better managed via a database then from static pages. So the first thing I learnt was how to publish database content on the web with php. Step in Kevin’s book… :slight_smile:

I cannot recommend his book enough. I have six Sitepoint publications now and this one is by far the bext and the one I use the most (even now, after owning it for a couple of years!). So do yourself a favour!

Buy and read this:

I agree with mPeror, vargz and dadogage, and recommend Kevin Yank’s book. (See the link in posts above). This book is perfect if you don’t know anything about programming languages. Last year, I didn’t even know what a variable was or an operator, etc. Since then, I’ve made several custom Content Management Systems, and learned so much more since then. I’m still no expert, but I feel I’ve come a long way. I felt that Kevin’s “from the ground up” approach and great writing/teaching style was perfect for me as a beginner.

My sentiments exactly! I loved Kevin’s book and it contains a lot of very valuable information. Although I bought it when I considered myself to be an “advance beginner” (if that isn’t an oxy moron :)), it still helped me out a lot. I would advise you to heavily consider purchasing this book as it is a very valuable beginner’s book as well as a great reference book.

The boos offered by sitepoint helped me out alot. Even though I knew a little already by checking out online tutorials the books really brought the point home.

Starting with php is easy… But wait until you get to O(bject-)O(riented)/patterns…

Search for video tutorials or buy them. Video tutorials are effective ways of learning anything, plus your ethusiasm will make it more easier!

I think the visual tutorials would work best for me. i’m not much of a book reader. Do you know of any online tutorial web sites?

Do you need to have a good grip on html and other simple scripting languages like say java before starting with php?