My website is slow


Can you guide me to make my website fast

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There are many threads in the forum with advice on speeding up a slow site. I suggest you have a look at some of those. For example:

How To Speed Up WordPress Website?

You can also use Google’s PageSpeed insights to find specific problems and how to rectify them.

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I already tried but no use


What have you tried, and what was the result?

You can’t expect anyone to offer constructive suggestions when you give so little information.

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I’ve tried plugins,coding but Im not getting desired result


Plugins and coding to do what, exactly?

You need to track down the cause(s) of your site’s slow loading, for example using the Google link above. Having identified the issues, you then need to take specific steps to rectify them. PageSpeed Insights will give you pointers. If you are unsure how to carry out a specific task, then you can ask here for more guidance.

As I understand it, having multiple plugins can be a cause of slow loading, so be very sure any plugin you’re adding is necessary and beneficial. Don’t just add things and hope they’ll solve the problem.


Have you looked at the links @TechnoBear mentioned in post #4 ?


to improve the loading time of my website I just look up the images texts as well but still, it is not working, can anyone tell me what I just missed


Welcome to the forums, @humayounmussawar.

I’ve moved your post into this thread, as you’re asking the same question. Please see the replies above for guidance on where to start, and let us know if you have any further questions.

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Here is the some of the great techniques which can be increase your website speed-

  1. Enable Gzip Compression
  2. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML Code
  3. Reduce redirects
  4. Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  5. Leverage browser caching
  6. Improve server response time
  7. Use content distribution network
  8. Optmise images etc.
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I would recommend that you go to to get a comprehensive look at what is loading in your page and an assessment of what is slowing it down. The options allow you to specify the number of times to run the test, I recommend 9.

After the tests are run you can look at the waterfall chart and it will help identify the items that are slowing your site down and you can determine from there what actions to take.

There are some good tips for WordPress site speed in this blog article:


can u elaborate how to do it


What system do you use?


I think the problrm should be in js script
and also because of Higg quality images


Why would you think that @rashmi251090raj? Do you have a crystal ball?


I dont have crystal ball sry, But this might be a problem


Try to avoid the use of plugins whenever possible or reduce the overall count.Also another solution is to compress all images.
So in general terms, use images of a small file size, minimize your use of plugins, and host on a decent server. Those three things will gives you a head start over 75% of the sites out there.

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