How to decrease the Fully Loaded Time for wordpress website


Hi friends. I have problem with my wordpress website.When I use GTMETRIX to test my home page,the Fully Loaded Time is about 10.0S.
This is the picture.

How to decrease the loaded time.Any suggestions?
This is the website:
Thanks a lot

How To Speed Up WordPress Website?

Hi ainicsmassager welcome to the forum

Did you try addressing any of the Recommendations?

In particular

Serve resources from a consistent URL
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Hi Mittineague,
we have tried their solutions.We even tried the CDN.But the speed is not same.
Is is better we try better hosting.Now our hosting are 1cpu-2G-40G-1M


But there are still a lot of recommended issues unresolved.


where are you testing from? GTmetrix i think runs it's servers in canada. I test from the UK so i always allow a little wiggle room as there will be a delay.

google page speed insights in useful too.


Pingdom reports 19 seconds for Sweden test and 11 for California. I would have left long before that finished loading.

For a start you have 20 plugins running, loading 36 images although they are not very large.

I do not think Wordpress is very speedy anyway; if you want speed you need to cut down the content on the page.


Thanks.There are some plugins which request some http requests.May this is the reason.


yes,I used google page speed to test it also.


if wordpress is anything like drupal then it does some ridiculous amount of queries just to show a simple page before you even start doing anything complicated. Drupal has a caching system to get around this, which basically creates a html version of the page and store it in the database so it can be retrieved without doing all the work to create it. Is there some 'performance' option where you can turn on caching in wordpress?


I believe the OP already has caching activated.

If you want to really speed up the site I would not personally use a CMS or if I did not use so many plugins etc. Although it would be basic and probably take away from "the user experience".


Please help me to fix my website speed


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Thank you

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