How to sell your ad space


How do you sell your ad space on your blog if your blog only has about 12k monthly visitors? or should I offer free advertise ?


You can try buysellads(.)com.

If your site’s topic is about web ,web develop,then buysellads dot com is the best

I agree, it’s a good way how to sell your ads on you blog.

Well, I think you should offer free Advertisement for some period of time,after that when you feel its working you should offer charges & start becoming Affiliates for others.might this would help you

12,000 impressions per month isn’t a lot to market to advertisers directly unless your blog is in a very specialised content niche.

That said you don’t need to give away your ad space - you could sign up to an ad network like CPX or RealTech Network or even Google AdSense. How much your make through your ad space with these networks will also help your in determining a CPM rate to charge advertisers going forward.

Just looking to go into this some more - would anyone vote for one more than the other - CPX or RealTech ?

Anyone got a website address for Real tech please? Did google it, but getting quite a few real techs?

I’m using advertising coupons! Plus before advertisers arrive you can try to get some feeds ads :wink:

Many thanks.