Buying banner ad space


I am planning to buy ad space for our website and have approached around 50 webmasters for a quote, but haven’t got a response yet.

Can anyone suggest some websites in marketing domain, that provide ad space.

I will really appreciate any help.


Hi -

What you’re probably looking for is a marketplace, like AdOnion or AdBrite. That isn’t to say that a lot of people don’t sell ads directly, but these places and places like them are littered with people selling ads like this in a lot of different niches. Easier to track campaigns this way, too.

Otherwise, you can possibly (maybe) post a link in the Marketplace for a link exchange. Particularly, the “Want to Buy” section might benefit you. :slight_smile:

buysellads and adengage are other choice for buying ads space.

Yes, try an online self-serve ad platform like .

Contacting 50 websites and not getting a response is very odd – either your email didn’t sound legitimate (did you offer a contact phone number?), your offered price was too low, or you’re contacting websites that are no longer being maintained or updated.

I’m with Matt–there must have been something about your email that didn’t come off right, or perhaps you were going down an old list of outdated info.

Self-serve platforms are indeed what you’re looking for, like the one he mentioned. Maybe start there.

you can search website or ads space at buyorsell

Just as Matt said here, let me know how I can help. Send a PM with your campaign details, I’ll do my best.

Sergiu (Scorpiono)