Advertising on a Blog

I recently started a blog for various things in my area and now have a fan page. The fan page has close to a 1000 fans so far and my page views is starting to dramatically increase.

The blog is still pretty new, but the fan page and responses from folks is taking off. I am not ready yet to start putting ads on my blog, but had a few questions on when I should start and about what to charge.

At what point would it be ok to start putting ads up from local businesses and actually selling ad space? Is it a time issue? Perhaps when the blog is 3-6 mos. old? Or is it more important to see a certain number of views/day? For something that is local, would adsense make sense on this blog?

Also, how much can I charge for ad space? How is that calculated? What are potential earnings from that? Is this something that would start out as inexpensive ad prices and then increase as my pageview count increased?

Would appreciate any guidance you can giveā€¦thanks!

its always perfect time to earn money if you can. you can always start with adsense, later on you can sell ad spots yourself or use other ad networks.

Do you know how much an average ad would cost a small company to run on a website/blog? Is it $10/mo, $40/mo, $100? or more? How does that work?

Hosting and domain will cost approximately $20/year and the theme you can get free or buy them for as low as below $100 which is one time only. these are for a blog. For a website it may cost much more if is is especially designed for you.

The pricing entirely depends on the other of the blog selling the ads space but most of the time it depends on how much traffic your blog is getting, how old is your blog, your backlinks, and of your of course the PR of your blog.

Normally it costs around $15 for 30 days

Selling adspace is pretty nice when you have good visitors to your blog. More businesses will be interested to buy ad space once you get a lot of publicity, so 4 or 6 125 ads in the sidebar would be good for selling. $50-$100 per ad space per month is reasonable imo.

i also have a blog very good traffic can any one tell me how i can get good money by this, whom to contact to put ads

If this traffic is from search engines , why not use Google. If your blog is about a product you can use Amazon. Also There is CJ.

Advertise your websites on a free advertising website.

i have tried many advertiser but Google ad sense is best