How to sell e-products then?


I know it seems to be a foolish question to ask, but it really burning my head. I am trying to install e-commerce plugin on my wordpress. I like to sell e-products where people will usually download these items.

Now my question is i am not shipping any products after payment confirmation… i am actually redirecting them to an authorized download page… do you have any idea how to do that?

You can also sell your products via

Thanks a lot guys… it was a reall help :smiley: cheers

Plimus can host and sell all your digital products via 10+ payment methods.

There are various solutions for this. One of the factors is to decide what payment provider you are using. There are lots of third party providers who set up a nice workflow for the purchase of digital products, such as FastSpring. But you can also buy a simple bit of software that you set up on your site yourself. I recently tried LinkLok and it works really well. It works with PayPal, as a lot of these solutions do. Worth a look, anyhow. It really takes some dedicated research to find out what works for you. I’ve checked out a huge number of solutions for digital downloads, as it’s something I’m very interested in.

There are nice cart plugins for WP, such as, and it’s worth investigating if any of them include digital downloads.

yah is a good option too - can also authorize affiliates