Best Shopping Cart For Selling Digital Products And Services


I’m looking for a shopping cart ( or ready to run script) for selling Digital Products like eBooks, Graphic Objects etc…

I need some features in cart like

  1. There should be a provision to place downloadable files at secure location like at server’s root.

  2. The downloadable link should be available for specific time and should be downloadable for specific number of times.

  3. There should be proper user management who buys ebook

FYI: I searched internet a lot and tried various type of solutions but found some features in one cart and other in some other script because they all meant for selling physical goods not for Digital Products

Any type of help will really be appreciated.

I need to do this too, and have been checking out a lot of options. There are lots of carts for digital goods. In the end, I’ve decided to go with FastSpring, as I like the way they don’t rely on PayPal, and that they place the money straight into your bank account, rather than requiring you to use another gateway provider. Their documentation is clear and well presented.

However, other solutions may suit you better, and a quick Google search of ‘sell digital goods online’ etc. will throw up lots of options. Off the top of my head, others I considered were FoxyCart, Ejunkie, Avangate, Plimus, Mals, eSellerate, Kagi, Shopify, BigCartel, JShop… and that’s just a fraction.

EDIT: I’ve also used LinkLok, which is a really nice little script that you place on your site and which works with PayPal etc, but I don’t think it provides a list of who bought what.