Full featured ecommerce for digital goods

Hi all,

i’m looking for a full featured ecommerce solution to sell digital goods. Actually I successfully run my site using wordpress + phpurchase, but now I need something more sophisticated with all those features:

  • digital product variations (for multi-format products, i.e.: .wav, .mp3, .aiff, etc.)
  • multiple stores with single user registrations
  • multi vendor like envato (read below for details)
  • support for big file transfers

About multi-vendors: i don’t want vendors to login and fully manage their product. I have to set the price and let them see selling reports, with their percentage earning, and asking for withdrawal.

Thanks in advance.

Did you find anything since your post? I’m also interested in ecommerce solutions that supports multiple vendors.

Check CS-Cart Multivendor solution or opencart.

DigitalRiver is one of the leaders and owns a bunch of different solutions: Digital River is a leading provider of global e-commerce solutions.

Some friends of mine operate PayLoadz and [URL=“http://www.fastspring.com”]FastSpring which serve various different scenarios.

Magento feature rich, flexible and robust. Best for any functionality you want for you ecommerce store.

there are many ways to sell digital goods visit regnow.com or plimus.com here on these sites you can store digital goods and you receive email on new orders.

I recommend (only premium solutions available)
cs car Multi vendor
Wordpress +Premium WPMUDEV Marketpress Plugin
Wordpress+estore+affiliate platform plugin

Check Span6.

We switched to it recently and love it.

Hi, You can try with ZS Cart which is the best ecommerce shopping cart software solutions to create your store.It is the best solution for both hosted as well as digital download products.